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  Dear Benefactors and Friends,

Warm Greetings to each one of you, from the Director, Fr. Apolinario Cardozo S.J., the Administrator, Fr. Jose Silveira, S.J., and from all the Staff of the Kendr. This being the regular annual letter to you all, allow me to place before you a brief report of the academic, cultural and research activities conducted by us during the course of the year 2016.  


Academic Activities


Konknni is the official language of our State and this being so, the TSKK team, i.e. Fr. Jose Silveira, Ms. Swara Pednekar (Ms Minakshi Khandolkar) and Ms. Pooja Tople,  using the course material prepared by late Fr. Mathew Almeida S.J. offered monthly basic Konknni courses to all those who had a wish to learn the basics of the language. People travelled distances to avail the opportunity thrown open to them. During the summer vacation, we conducted a 3 weeks crash residential course for the Seminarians of the Goregaon Seminary, Mumbai and for the Scholastics of the Goa Province. They were joined by an elderly priest from Bandra and a Sister from Goa. Stress was given to Reading, Writing, Conversation and Phonetics. By the end of the course, each one could hold a conversation in Konknni and they were each given a Course Completion Certificate.


This academic year, TSKK organized two Seminars for the College students from Goa and for the M.A. students of the Goa University.  The first Seminar was held on February 27, 2016, on Manddo / Dulpod - Amchem Goykarachem Daiz.  Two eminent personalities in this field: Mr. Arlindo de Miranda spoke on ‘Mandddo / Dulpod: Kal ani Aiz' and Mr. Francisco Noronha spoke on ‘Experiences in the field of Manddo and its Presentation'. Fr. Jose Silveira welcomed the speakers and gave a brief introduction on them. Fr. Apolinario Cardozo gave the vote of thanks. About 45 students participated in it.  Students from Churbby Cheeks School, Porvorim, gave a short presentation on Manddos / Dulpods at the start of the Seminar.


The second Seminar was held on September 17, 2016, on Konknni Movies and their Impact on the Goan Society. Three papers were presented for the Seminar by persons from the Goan film industry. Mr. Bardroy Barreto presented a paper on, Taking Regional movies to the International level, Mr. Dnyanesh Moghe, presented a paper on The Content of Konknni movies, and Ms. Meenachshi Martins presented a paper on The Role of Women in Konknni movies. Noted Konknni film Director, Mr.  Dinesh Bhonsle, chaired the sessions. In all around 70 students participated in the Seminar. Fr. Apolinario Cardozo, the Director welcomed the gathering while Ms. Pooja Tople, gave the vote of thanks. Ms. Swara Pednekar compered this programme.


The 19th edition of the Sôd bulletin was released on January 22, 2016, on the occasion of Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar ceremony. This edition of the Sôd is dedicated exclusively to Konknni Nattok. The following articles featured in this bulletin Prakash Thalli Nattkantlean somaz ghoddoita by Fr. Jose Silveira, Konknni Nattkachi uddti vollokh by Fr. Luis Gomes, Pundalik Naikachea Nattkanim Poddbimbit zal'li somajik vixomtai by Prof. Sylvester Vaz, Konknni Rongmachiechea chollvollint utsovik ani nim'm vevsahik rongmachi hanchem yogdan by Rajdeep Naik,  Konknni Nattkam mukhavelim avhanam: Chinton ani Chikitsa by Prof. Hanumant Chopdekar, Lok rongbhumi ani Bharatiya rongbhumi - Vixlexonn by Dr. Pandurang Phaldessai, and Adhunik Konknni nattkachem swarup ani khaxelponn by Dr. Rajay Pawar. It is edited by Fr. Apolinario Cardozo, the Director of the Kendr.


In my last letter to you I mentioned that we had written to the Goa University, to give us the permission to start a M.A. programme at the Kendr, from the academic year 2016. Unfortunately, due to some technicalities, we could not get this permission.




The revised edition of ‘Gôycheo Kotha,' was printed in October with additional stories; so too were the reprints of ‘Romi Lipient Konknni Kors' by late Fr. Mathew Almeida and  ‘A Supplement' to it prepared by Fr. Apolinario Cardozo and Ms. Swara Pednekar.


Research Related Activities


TSKK has a library of all the Konknni movies screened so far, except the contemporary ones. The Director has also written a synopsis on all these movies. We have also begun collecting reviews on the ‘tiatrs' that have been staged in Goa so far, so as to compile them and later on, if need arises, publish them. This year research was focused on Konknni movies, hence the Director made a detailed research on the Konknni movie, Nachom-ia Kumpasar, as this movie is with a difference and an article has been written on it.  Besides research is also being done on the rituals that are followed for the Hindu weddings, which will see the print in the course of time. He has also written an article on Goan Catholic Wedding Customs and Goan Traditional Feasts.

Every month, the Dor Mhoineachi Rotti, is published from the Kendr. Fr. Jose Silveira S.J. is the publisher of the magazine. The Staff of the Kendr help in the publication of the same.


The Meetings


TSKK had its annual General Body Meeting in the evening of July 29, 2016, wherein the

members took stock of the ‘state of affairs of the Kendr,' while the Managing Committee Meeting was held on the same day in the morning to ‘see to the functioning of the Kendr and make plans' for the future. The Advisory Body Meeting of the Kendr was held on October 10, 2016. Candidates for the various ‘Puroskars' (awards) were selected during the meeting. The members also proposed to have ‘different type of research related and cultural activities' at the Kendr so that research in Konknni language and culture continues here at a rapid state.


Cultural Activity

TSKK organized Inter School Monologue Competition on Social Evils affecting the Goan Society on July 23, 2006, for the students of Std. VII of North Goa Schools.  In all 25 schools participated in this competition. The first prize was bagged by Ms. Saija Rao, (St. Anthony High School, Guirim), the second by Ms. Udi Narvekar, (St. Francis Xavier High School, Mapuca), the third by Ms. Sejal Panjikar (Mary Immaculate High School, Panjim), the fourth by Master Omkar Chowdhary (St. Teresa High School, Candolim) and the fifth by Ms Arya Dhargalkar (Our Lady of Grace High School, Bicholim).  All the students were given Certificates of Participation.


 Puroskar Ceremony


This year the annual Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar (APKP) Ceremony was held on January 23, 2016, in its lush green courtyard. Shri Madhav Borkar, President of Goa Konkani Akademi, was the Chief Guest for this ceremony. A number of awards were given to prominent Konknni writers who had contributed to the progress of Konknni language / culture.  The prestigious Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar 2016 was conferred on Fr. Manuel Pascoal Gomes, (Borim), for his long contribution to Konknni language through writings.  The Puroskar carries along with it, a Shawl, a Memento, a Certificate and a cash of Rs. 25,000.00. Other Puroskars given at the ceremony were: the Konknni Martir Floriano Vaz Puroskar 2015, sponsored by the Kendr was given to Mr. Manuel Fernandes, (Cortalim), the Dr. Jack Sequeira Konknni Puroskar 2015, sponsored by Fr. Conceição D' Silva was given to Mr. Pio Esteves, (Agasaim),  the Valerio Carvalho Konknni Puroskar 2015, sponsored by Mr. Roque Carvalho, in memory of his father, was given to Ms. Jasmine Rodrigues e Estibeiro (Nuvem) and the Maria Afonso Konknni Puroskar 2015, sponsored by Fr. Ave Maria Afonso, in memory of his mother, was given to Fr. Alfred Vaz (Old Goa). The above Puroskars carry along with them, a Memento, a shawl, a Certificate and a cash of Rs. 5000/- each.

During the same ceremony a few sponsored scholarships were also given to students who have shown love for the Konknni language. The Quadros Family Scholarship, was given to Ms. Adlina Rodrigues (Matoshree Indrabai Baburao Khandeparkar High School, Ponda) and Ms. Sarita Rebello (Pope John XXIII High School, Kepem), the Helen Baptista Scholarship to Master Jami Jafer Mulla and Kumari Shalini Gawda (Government High School, Alto Betim) and Lourenco e Umbelina de Souza Scholarship, to Mr. Rahul Joaquim Fernandes (Mushtifund Higher Secondary School, Panjim). Each scholarship contains a certain sum of money. Fr. Ave Maria Afonso and Ms. Lara Gracias compered the ceremony. TSKK and Xavier Institute of Historical Research together celebrated common festivals like, the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Diwali, St. Francis Xavier and Christmas.


Our Library


TSKK is equipped with a good library, which is utilized by students for research related work. Students come knocking at the door of the library seeking information on various topics, useful for their research and assignments.




Among the many visitors who visited TSKK, were nineteen Germans, who are associated with the Jesuits in Germany, Tertians from Pedro Arrupe Institute, Raia and Juniors from Xavier Training College (Desur). Fr. Apolinario Cardozo gave them a brief input on the Kendr while Fr. Jose Silveira took them around.  


Your Support


Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr is run by the Jesuits of the Goa Province. It does not get any financial assistance neither from the Central Government nor the State Government. We could organise our activities because of the financial support from our sponsors. We earnestly appeal to you to continue supporting us by your generous donations. You can do so, either by cash or by cheque. Your donations are free from Income Tax. The cheque should be in the name of Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr. God bless you all.


The TSKK Team consisting of Fr. Apolinario Cardozo S.J., Fr. Jose Silveira S.J. Mr. Shankar Chari, Ms. Shalini Priolkar, Ms. Swara Pednekar, Ms. Pooja Tople and Mr. Khanta Pirankar, wishes you all







Yours Sincerely



Fr. Apolinario Cardozo S.J.


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