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तॉमास स्टीवन्स कोंकणी केंद्र


B.B. Borkar Road, Alto Porvorim, GOA - 403521

( (0832) 2415857, 2415864

E-mail: tskkgoa@gmail.com

                                                     Website: www.tskk.org





1. Academic Programmes

a)  Konknni Basic Courses for Beginners

The Academic Staff of the Kendr, Fr. Jose Silveira S.J., Fr. Kelwin Monteiro S.J., Ms. Swara Pednekar and Ms. Pooja Tople, using the late Fr. Mathew Almeida's text material, Romi / Devnagiri Lipient Konknni Kors, conducted Basic Konknni Courses for beginners in Romi and Devnagiri script, during the course of the academic year. These courses were held during morning and noon session. In all 36 people from all over Goa took these courses.


b) Seminars


The Kendr organised two Seminars during the year, one exclusively by the Kendr and the other in collaboration with the Konknni Department of the Goa University, for Colleges students and those of the Goa University. The first Seminar was held on October 14, 2017, on Zagor at the Kendr. Three papers were presented by eminent personalities, namely, Goychem adim Vidhinatya - Perni Zagor, ek niyal by Dr. Pandurang Phaldesai; Kristavancho Zagor - Sanskrutik, Bhavnik ani Dharmik Daizancho Mand by Mr. Marcos Gonsalves and Hindu Gawda Samudayacho Zagor - Viksit nodrentlyan niyal by Mr. Kanta Gaude. Mr. Ajit Kerkar chaired the Sessions. We had a good response for the Seminar.


The second Seminar was held in the Goa University premises on February 20, 2018 on Fr. Thomas Stephens' Krist Purana - Roop ani Prapup. Among the paper presenters, was Fr. Kelwin Monteiro, who presented a paper on Fr. Thomas Stephens, Life and his Works.


c) At the third International Symposium on Goa, Cultures, Languages and Literatures, jointly organized by Centro de Lingua Portuguesa Camoes, Goa and Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Goa, on January 25, 2018, Fr. Kelwin Monteiro presented a paper on Fr. Thomas Stephens, a pioneer in Enculturation.


Fr. Jose Silveira is busy working on two projects: the Translation of Jesuit Missal into Romi

Konknni and editing of the Old Testament (Konkani Version) jointly with the Diocesan team.  


d) Workshop


The two Centres (TSKK and XCHR) jointly organised a Workshop for Librarians of High

Schools, Higher Secondary Schools and Colleges on the topic, Libraries and Librarians, Challenges, Expectations and Services, on  November 29, 2017 in the Fr. Claude Saldanha Hall, Xavier Centre of Historical Research. The Resource persons for the Workshop were, Dr. Remy Dias, Deputy Director of Higher Education, Porvorim and Dr. Maya Carvalho e Rodrigues, Librarian of Nirmala Institute of Education, Altinho Panjim. While Dr. Remy Dias spoke on Re-Orienting our Libraries for Research in Social Sciences, Dr. Maya Carvalho e Rodrigues shared her ideas on Recent Trends in Library Development. 167 Librarians from across the State participated in it. The Workshop was much appreciated by the participants. The findings of the Workshop were sent to the Directors of High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools and also to the Heads of different High Schools, Higher Secondary Schools and Colleges for their response to it. A follow up of the same has been planned for this year.


Dalgado Konkani Akademi organized a Literary Competition to promote Romi Konkani in the State. In the essay section, Fr. Jose Silveria secured second place for his essay Zomnir Paim ani Mollbak Hat Lagona Tednam kitem korunk dista.

TSKK's Staff continues to file the cuttings of various articles that appear on newspapers on topics related to Goan Literature and Culture. Similarly Fr. Apolinario Cardozo has also added to the collection of short synopsis on Konkani movies.

2. Publication


The next edition of the TSKK"s Research bulletin, Sōd 21, dedicated to Zagor, was released during the Fr. Antonio Pereira Konkani Puroskar ceremony on January 20, 2018 at the hands of Mr. Premanand Lotlikar. Besides the 3 Seminar papers, the bulletin includes other papers such as Zagor, an Overview by Fr. Apolinario Cardozo, Calangute Gavantlo Paramporik Zagor - ek lhan niyal by Fr. Jose Silveira, Common Vision, Different Forms - A Comparative Study on Zagor and Khel by Fr. Kelwin Monteiro and Konknni Mithkantli asturi - ek Chikitsa by Dr. Jayanti Nayak.


3. Cultural Programme


TSKK organised its annual Cultural programme for the students of Std. VII of North Goa Schools on July 22, 2017. The topic selected for the programme was - My Vision of Goa, a Dialogue. In all 25 Schools participated in it. Besides the cash prizes for the winners, all the students were given participation Certificates and Educational Gift Hampers.


4. Meetings


The Kendr had its Managing Committee and General Body Meeting on July 25, 2017, during which, the members discussed various issues pertaining to the Kendr. The Advisory Body Meeting of the Kendr was held on October 25, 2017. At this meeting, the members selected persons for the various Puroskars to be given by the Kendr. Others issues pertaining to the Kendr were also discussed.


5. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar Programme


The annual Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar ceremony was held on January 20, 2018. The following sponsored Puroskars were given: the Dr. Jack Sequeira Konknni Puroskar, sponsored by Fr. Concecao Silva to Mr. Agnelo L. Fernandes from Ponda, the Maria Afonso Konknni Purosakr, sponsored by Fr. Ave Maria Afonso to Fr. Tomas Lobo, from Pilerne and Parish Priest of Holy Family Church, the Valerio Carvalho Konknni Puroskar, sponsored by Mr. Roque Carvalho, Mapusa to Ms. Annie A. Fernandes, from Tivim, the Konknni Martir Floriano Vaz Puroskar, initiated by the Kendr to Mr. Afonso Bond Bragança from Mapuca and the late Fr. Casmiro D' Mello Konknni Puroskar, sponsored his family to Mr. Natividade De Sa from Canacona. The prestigious Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar was conferred on   Mr. Premanand A. Lotlikar, a prolific Konknni writer, director and actor. These puroskars carrying along with them a certain amount of money, a shawl, a citation and a memento.


Besides the Kendr also gave a few sponsored cash Scholarships to deserving students, namely the Helen Baptista Scholarship to Master Shaiyam Neupane and Miss Sujata Parshuram Naik of Government High School, Alto Betim; the Lourenco & Umbelina de Souza Scholarship to Miss Niffa Barbosa, Fr. Basilio Andrade Higher Secondary School, Majorda, and the Quadros Family Scholarship to Ms. Andrea Peixoto, Presentation Convent High School, Margao.  


6. TSKK - XCHR Collaboration

In June, at the beginning of the scholastic year, the employees of both the Institutes had a Prayer Service to seek God's blessings on them and their families, their works and on their benefactors.  Feasts, such as St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Francis Xavier, Christmas, Deepavali, were jointly celebrated at the Centres.

7. Library

The Library of the Kendr is much sought for by Research students, both at school level and College / University level. A number of students visited the library during the course of the year to do research related work. At present TSKK has over 14,300 books.



27. 07. 2018 Fr. Apolinario Cardozo S.J.

Alto Porvorim Secretary



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