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Mhonni (Proverbs) (From Archives)

Last Updated: 01 January '09
6. Sogllim sunnim zor Kaxek gelim, moddkeo konn lhenvtolo? (If all dogs go to pilgrimage to Kashi, who will lick the pots? If all concentrate on one work who will do the rest of the work.)

7. Sasuchea dhonar zanvoy udar. (The son-in-law is generous with the property of mother-in-law. It is easier to be generous with other's wealth.)

8. Porak sanglem jev mhonn vattlent, to jevlo kott'ttent. (The child was told to eat in the plate, he ate in the coconut shell. When one was told to do a particular thing, he/she does something else.)

9. Ponnddit churchurtolo ani teach chonneanchi dall khatolo. (The wise man will regret but will be happy to eat the same gram pulses. The one which you explicitly curse; you desire it implicitly.)

10. Nhoim asa thoim tar asa. (Where there is a river, there is a bank.)


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