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Action plan 2018-2019

Duration: 12 June '18 to 28 February '19
TSKK ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES FOR THE YEAR 2018-2019 Research Focus: Goan Folklore, specifically Goan Feasts and Festivals Seminars : 2 Seminars on September 28, 2018 organised solely by TSKK on GOYCHIM PARAMPORIK LOK GITAM ANI NACH on January 24, 2019 organised in collaboration with the Konkani Department of Goa University at the University Campus Filing in: Articles on Goan Folklore (Tiatrs / Konkani movies,etc) and the Director’s research short Articles on this topic Programme for School children: Elocution Competition for Std VII on Goychim Festam on July 21 Publication Sōd 22 (will contain research articles on Goan Feasts and Festivals) Basic Konknni Courses : Mid June to mid April Meetings 27.07.2018 Managing Committee and General Body Meeting 26.10.2018 TSKK Advisory Body Meeting (Selection of Candidates for Various Puroskars and other matters) Fr. Antonio Konknni Puroskar Programme, January 19, 2019 Collaborative Activities Inaugural Prayer Service for members of both the Institutes on June 12, 2018 Symposium TSKK will collaborate with XCHR, on Jesuit Studies in India on July 12 and 13 3.Other Events: Common Celebrations: Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Francis Xavier, Christmas, Diwali and Picnic


Other Events

Magat ani tumkam melltolem. Devachea utrancher bhavarth dovrat.
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Konknni mollar Gycheo ani her ganvcheo mukhel ghoddnnuko
Bhurgeam khatir gitam, kovita, kannio ani her bhurgeanache avddiche borpavollicho punzo.
Novim utram, tanchi mahiti ani vapor.
SMS-achea mollar Konknni.
Mhoineache Suvalle
Gychim festam, porbo ani zatra
Konknni monxachem purvillem bhanddar (gitam, kannio, mhonni, humannim, opari, adi).
Konknni Sod lekh ani her prokarache lekh.
Konknni kotha.
Konknni kovita ani gitam.
Novim pustokam, CD hanchi vollok.
Research articles published in TSKK Research Bulletin.
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