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   TSKK has published a Konkani kit to learn Konkani.  It contains the second revised edition of TSKK Konkani Basic Course in Devanagari script along with an audio CD/ audiocassette of some of the lessons of the course.  The book contains 33 lessons and 68 pages of Konkani-English and Konkani-English vocabulary.  The audio recording of the CD is done at Shyamsundar Studio at Panaji.

  Fr Casmiro D'Mello released the book Gõycho Saib: Sant Fransisk Xavier, the life of St. Francis Xavier and the history of the various expositions of his relic in Konkani on 25th October. Fr Moreno de Souza has written the book. Fr Matthew Almeida and Ms Preeta Naik of TSKK have done the Devanagari transliteration and editing work.

   Sod: Konkani Research Bulletin No. 6 was released on 20th   February. This bulletin contains Konkani articles, "Moddvoll" by Ms Netra Veluskar of TSKK; "Kolvale ganvcho itihas" by Mr Ramdas Kelkar; "2004 Vorsantlim Konknni nemallim" by Fr Pratap Naik of TSKK; "Franciscan and Jesuit contribution to Konkani" by Matthew Almeida; "Mapping cultural studies: Discourse, ideology and history" by Dr. K. Shripad Bhat and supplementary pages of some landmarks in the history of Konkani.

   Sod: Konkani Research Bulletin No. 7 was released on 25th August.  It contains Konkani articles, "Konknnint nokarsuchok no" by Dr Rocky Miranda; "Bhasvijanani Dalgado ani Konknni" by Matthew Almeida; "Shonnoi Gõybabachea vavr vicharantli susongoti ani virodhabhas" by Dr Kiran Budkuley; "2002 Vorsantlim Konknni pustokam" by Pratap Naik; "2004 vorsantlim Konknni nemallim" by Pratap Naik; English articles, "The Siddhi Konkani Retroflexes torn between Indo-Aryan apical post-alveolar and Dravidian sub-apical palatal articulators" by Selmo Azevedo Apontes and Dr Jean-Pierre Angenot; "Idle rambles through the historical archives: new historicism revisited" by Dr K. Sripad Bhat; "Indian Prediction of poetics and politics of literary culture" by Dr Anand Patil.

   Renovação and Pormoll have published the Konkani article "Romi lipi ani ticho fuddar" by Pratap Naik.

   Encyclopaedia of Language and Linguistics Second Edition published by Elsevier Ltd, U.K. will include two articles "Maffei, Angelus Francis Xavier" and "Dalgado, Sebestião Rodolfo" by Matthew Almeida. 


   TSKK has given a project to Shyamsundar Production, Panaji to prepare an audio-video Compact Disc on TSKK and its activities.  It will be ready in February 2005.

Website:  TSKK has its own website www.tskk.org due to the support of Goa.Com, Panaji. This website has been redesigned by Ms Vaishali Shirodkar.  


    This year All India Radio, Panaji station has broadcast regularly Pratap Naik's Konkani Devotional songs from Bhakti Sobhann Vol 1 & 2 and children's songs from Hansun Khellun Gavum-ia Vol. 1 & 2 audio compact discs. 


   Kannada script course was conducted at TSKK from 5th to 16th January 2004.  Four TSKK partners along with one external student attended the course.  Students were taught to read and write Konkani in Kannada script.

   TSKK in collaboration with Dr Jean-Pierre Angenot and a team of Universidade Federal de Rondonia, Brazil intend to  undertake a research project on linguistic study of Siddhi Konkani.  As a preparation a team of six linguistic students along with two children of Dr Angenot learnt Devanagari script and did a Basic Konkani course from 15th January to 31st May.  Ms Manisha Toraskar conducted this course.

   On March 1 & 2 Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy called a meeting of selected Konkani experts and writers to discuss the textbook "Konkani Level I Reader".  Pratap Naik was appointed a member of the expert committee.

    TSKK conducted Teaching methodology course in Konkani on 13 to 14 April at Mae Dos Pobres High School, Nuvem for primary teachers of their Super School Complex. 40 teachers from different schools attended the course. 

   From April 17th to 25th TSKK conducted the Kannada language course for Canossian sisters of Belgaum at St. Joseph School, Belgaum. 12 sisters attended the course.

   TSKK conducted a Summer Konkani Course for school children from 17 April to 16 May at Ajekar Parish, Udupi Dist. 18 children attended the course. Mr. Maurice Rodrigues gave them certificates at a public function.  Mr Prakash D'Souza was the guest of honour. Ms Rachel Pinto compered the function. Fr. Valerian Fernandes conducted this course.

   Inauguration of one year Postgraduate Konkani Diploma Course was held at TSKK on 3rd June at 10.00 a.m.  Dr Tanaji Halarnakar was the chief guest and Fr Patrick de Melo, S. J. Provincial of Goa Jesuit Province was the guest of honour.  Dr Tanaji inaugurated the course by planting a guava sapling.  Ms Netra Veluskar compered the function. For this course 4 Jesuit students have enrolled.  In this course students are taught various language skills such as reading and writing in Roman and Devanagari scripts, translation from English to Konkani, transliteration, letter writing, essay writing, radio talks, writing skits and their presentation, public speaking, compering and so on. 

   TSKK conducted a Konkani course on "Project Methodology" for BA students on 17th July at TSKK premises. 27 students from five colleges registered their names for this course.  The participants were given inputs on how to choose a topic of project, how to formulate a project, data collection, its presentation and evaluation. Pratap Naik and Mr Cosme Fernandes, a Konkani lecturer from M.E.S. College, Vasco conducted this course.  TSKK research assistants Ms Netra Veluskar and Ms Lavinia Noronha shared their project experiences with participants.

   TSKK conducted "Study Methodology" course for college students on 24 July.  14 college and university students attended this course.  Students were given inputs on notes taking and notes making, preparing the weekly timetable, revision methods, preparation for the examinations and other useful tips on study techniques.

   Pratap Naik was invited to give two lectures on "The History and culture of Goa" and "Goa Jesuits" to Jesuit tertians at Raia on 3rd October.

   Konknni Lekhokancho Ekvott (Konkani Writers' Forum), Karnataka organized the concluding function of its decennial celebration at Mangalore on 28th November. Pratap Naik was invited to read a paper on "Romi lipientlean Konknnicho fuddar". 

   Catholic Sabha of Mangalore Diocese organizes Canara Catholic World Konkani Conference at Mangalore from 26th to 29th December at Mangalore.  The purpose of this conference is to bring together Catholic Konkanis of North Canara, Udupi and South Canara districts of Karnataka. Pratap Naik has been invited to read a research paper of one hour duration on "Konknni bhas, sahity ani sonvskruti: vijnanik ani vyovoharik nodor".  Three Konkani writers and thinkers will give written responses to his paper.  This will be followed by public discussion. 


   TSKK conducted Konkani Elocution Competition for VI and VII std. students of seven schools of Curchorem Super School Complex on 28 August.  The topic of the competition was "My Role in environment conservation". Master Ganapati Bhat of Guardian Angel High school secured the first place.  Ms Maneka Nadkarni of Guardian Angel H. School and Ms Shravani Gurav of Sarvodaya Education Society secured second place. Ms Tanvi Shenoy of Sarvodaya Edu. Society secured the third place.  Consolation prizes were given to Ms. Somaksha Gauns Dessai of the New Educational Institute and Ms Hema Naik of Shree Sharada English High School.  Mr Eliton Fernandes, a teacher from New Educational Institute helped TSKK to organise this competition.  


   Fr Lederle Memorial Scholarships: These four scholarships of Rs 5,000/- each have been installed in the memory of Late Fr Matthew Lederle, the ex-chairman of TSKK. These scholarships are available to academically bright and socio-economically poor Konkani MA students.  On June 3 Fr Patrick de Melo, S. J. presented the second instalment of scholarships to Ms Jofa Gonsalves, Synthia Mhamal, Rama Murkunde and Santoshi Bhandare.  For the academic year 2004 - 2005 Mr Pedro Fernandes and Ms Patsy Pereira are qualified for scholarships.

   Carvalho Family Scholarships: From the academic year 2003 - 2004 Carvalho family from Udupi Dist. has installed 3 scholarships of Rs 4,000/- each for BA Konkani students.  On 3 June Fr Patrick de Melo, S. J. presented the second instalment of these scholarships to Ms Sapna Savaikar and Parveza Sheikh from Govt. College, Sanquelim.  For the academic year 2004 - 2005 not a single BA student has qualified for these scholarships.  From the academic year 2004 - 2005 Carvalho Family Scholarships of Rs 5,000/- each are given to two B.Ed. students who have opted  for Konkani as one of the teaching subjects.  Ms Jofa Gonsalves of Nirmala Inst. of Edu., Panaji, and Ms Prasheela Naik of GVM College of Edu., Ponda, are selected for scholarships. 


    Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar for the year 2004 was given to the Konkani novelist in Roman script Mr Bonaventure D'Pietro (alias Bonaventure Peter Fernandes). His first novel Kallea vistidachi choli was published in 1972. He has written 12 Konkani books in Roman script. He has worked for Konkani periodicals Udentechem Neketr, Gulab, Novem Gõy, Konkan Mail and Arso. Fr Casmiro D'Mello from Mumbai archdiocese conferred the award on 25th October at a public function held at TSKK premises.  The award consists of Rs 25,000/-, a shawl and a memento.  Over 150 guests were present for the function.  Pietro group presented a prayer song and two more Konkani songs of Mr Bonaventure.  Mr Pedro Fernandes, a Konkani MA student compered the function. 


    Konkani Bhasha Mandal organized the 9th Goa Yuva Mahotsav 2004 for college youth at Volvoi, Ponda on 17 to 18 January.  Ms Preeta Naik and Netra Veluskar of TSKK attended this function.

   The Second All India Konkani Music Conference was held at Panaji on 7 to 8 February.  Pratap Naik attended the conference.

   On 7th March Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore presented at their open-air theatre one act and one actor Konkani play Zudas.  Pratap Naik has written the script of the play.  This play tries to understand Judas Iscariot from his socio-cultural, political, historical and religious background.  Mr Arun Raj acted in the role of Judas.  Mr Denis Monteiro directed the play.  Drama critics have remarked this play as excellent both in script and acting.

   In the month of March Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore presented Bhakti Sobhann (Konkani devotional hymns) programmes at Valencia, Angelore and Ashok Nagar parishes of Mangalore Diocese.  Out of the ten hymns for 8 hymns Pratap Naik has written the lyrics.  Mandd Sobhann will publish these hymns as Bhakti Sobhann Vol-3 CD/ audiocassette in collaboration with TSKK.

   Divo has published a series of Konkani poems by Pratap Naik.

   30th July on the eve of St. Ignatius' feast TSKK organized a celebration for TSKK partners.  The celebration began with a prayer service, message of the feast, games, prizes and refreshment.  PG Konkani Diploma students organized the entire function.

   On 20th December a Christmas get-together was organised for TSKK partners at 4.00 p.m. The celebration consisted of a prayer service for peace and harmony, a Christmas message, games, refreshments and exchange of greetings.  Mr Shankar Chari and his team took the responsibility to prepare the crib and decorations.

   Ms Genoveva Fernandes has taken four months leave from October to January 2005. Ms Pearl Colaço has joined TSKK on a temporary basis to substitute Genoveva till December 2004.  Ms Lavinia Noronha served TSKK from June to September as an assistant teacher.  From October Ms Joanita Fernandes, MA in Konkani has joined TSKK as a trainee.

   Ms Preeta Naik, TSKK librarian married Mr Deepak Parab from Taleigão on 30th June at a simple wedding ceremony at Assonora.  At present she is doing M. Lib. Sc. from Indira Gandhi Open University.  In the month of December she has appeared for the examination.

   Pratap Naik's poem "Vichitr Ganv" has been included in Konkani poetry anthology published by Dalgado Konknni Akademi.

  PG Konkani Diploma students Sch. Shannon Pereira passed with distinction and Sch. Allan Baptista and Jude Carrasco passed with a first class in their final BA from the University of Poona.

   Pratap Naik has been appointed as a member of the Diocesan Pastoral Council for three years.

   TSKK has taken an active role to revive the Dalgado Konknni Akademi and support its programmes.

   TSKK's academic help was sought by Goa University; K.K. Birla Foundation, New Delhi; Central Inst. of Indian Languages, Mysore; Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy. 


   On 26h November, Gulab Konkani Monthly presented the "Gulab Puroskar" to Fr Moreno de Souza, S. J., for his Konkani writings in Roman script for the year 2003.  The award giving function was held at Gomant Vidya Niketan, Margão. The award consists of a memento. 

   Divo a Konkani weekly from Mumbai gives every year "Divo Literary Award" to two Konkani writers in Kannada script. The award consists of Rs 25,000/- each, citation and a memento. For the year 2004 Pratap Naik, and Mr Valerian Quadros have been chosen. Pratap Naik has been selected for his contribution to research in Konkani language, Konkani literature (poetry) and Konkani teaching. The award giving ceremony will be held in Mumbai in January 2005. 


   TSKK shares in the grief and loss of the families of our following benefactors: Fr Antonio Pereira, one of the founding members of TSKK left for his heavenly reward on 25th February.  At his request his body was buried in the Bicholim cemetery among the people he loved and worked. The funeral Eucharist was presided over by the Archbishop of Goa, Raul Gonsalves, with a very large number of priests concelebrating, and the church overflowing with nuns and people of various religions.  TSKK organized a condolence meeting on March 4, at T.B. Cunha Hall, Panaji. 

   Fr Freddy J. da Costa and Mr Felicio Cardoso died on 17th May in a tragic car accident on their way to Bangalore.  Both of them were recipients of TSKK Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar. TSKK in collaboration with Dalgado Konknni Akademi convened a condolence meeting on 22nd May at T.B. Cunha Hall, Panaji.

   TSKK lost its benefactors Ms Berta Menezes on 9 March, Mapuça; Mr Joseph Pereira, Alto Betim on 4 October and Dr William Madtha a retired professor of Karanataka University, Dharwar, on 9th November. He was a Konkani linguist and Kannada scholar. 

   Mrs Basilia Carvalho, the mother of TSKK director Pratap Naik died due to heart attack on 1 November at her native village Trasi, Udupi Dist. The funeral took place on 2 November.  She had helped TSKK from the beginning in many ways. She and her family were responsible to establish at TSKK the Carvalho Family Scholarships for BA and B.Ed. Konkani students. May God grant them eternal rest and peace. TSKK condoles the death of its benefactors and friends and conveys its sympathies to their family members.

   Various organisations and individuals have helped TSKK in various ways.  We gratefully acknowledge the donors of cash, books, periodicals, cassettes, and all other types of help, by listing them by name and place only.

Ms Elaine Albuquerque, Mumbai; Dr Jean-Pierre Angenot, Panaji; Fr William Barboza, Mangalore; Fr Peter Balleis, Germany; Mr Anant Bhat, Kochi; Fr Justin Borges, Gadhinglaj, Kolhapur Dist.; Mr Valerian Botelho, Gujjadi, Udupi Dist.; Mr Tomazinho Cardozo, Candolim; Mrs Basilia & Mr Edwin Carvalho, Gujjadi, Udupi Dist.; Mr John & Ms Jacintha  Carvalho, Pune; Ms Mary Carvalho, Movathamudi, Udupi Dist.; Mr Michael Carvalho, Mumbai; Mr Sergio Carvalho, Betalbatim; Ms Leonie & Mr Rosario D'Costa, U.S.A.; Fr Andrew D'Mello, Malwan; Fr Casmiro D'Mello, Saligão; Mr Bonaventure D'Pietro, Anjuna; Dr Avita D'Sa, Miramar; Mr Michael D'Silva, Mapuça; Mr Alwyn D'Silva, Toronto; Dr Chandralekha D'Souza, Vasco; Mr Theo D'Souza, Aldona; Mrs Ubaldina D'Souza, Miramar; Fr Caetano da Cruz Fernandes, Old Goa; M/s C.N. de Sa, Panaji; Ms Amelia Fernandes, Raia; Mr Fernando do Rego, Panaji; Mr Alvaro Fernandes, Panaji; Mr Anthony Fernandes, Dona Paula; Ms Carmen & Mr Louis Fernandes, Galibaga; Mr Cosme Fernandes, Pernem; Mr Eliton Fernandes, Margão; Mr Fabian Fernandes, Aldona; Fr John Fernandes, Mangalore; Dr Philomena Fernandes, Socorro; Mr Selvio Fernandes, Panaji; Mr Thomas Fernandes, Nagoa; Fr Valerian Fernandes, Ajekar, Udupi Dist.; Goan Overseas Association, Bowie, MD, U.S.A.; Mr Holaram Hans, Thane; Ms Genevieve  & Mr Titus Lewis, Mumbai; Mr Joshua Lewis, Mumbai; Dr Tanaji Halarnakar, Porvorim; Mr M. K. Jos, Panaji; Mr N. B. Kamath, Mangalore; Dr Balkrishna Kanolkar, Goa Univ.; Mr Satish Khare, Pune; Mr Terence Lewis, Mumbai; Mr Purushottam Mallya, Kochi; Mrs Emilia Mascarenhas, Calangute; Mr John Mendonça, Fatorda; Dr Rocky Miranda, Mysore; Mr Alphie Monteiro, Pune; Mr Kingsley Nazareth, Mangalore; Mr Fredrick Norornha, Saligão; Mr Eric Ozario, Mangalore; Fr Antonio Pais, Moira; Mr Ancy Paladka, Mumbai; Mr Melwyn Rodrigues, Dubai; Mr Leoncio Rosario, Old Goa; Ms Hycinth Sequeira, Porvorim; Ms Vaishali Shirodkar, Siolim; Mr Nagesh Sonde, Mumbai; Fundação Oriente, Panaji; Genesis Prakashan, Mangalore; Goa Heritage Action Group, Panaji; Goa Xavier Company, Panaji; Joshi Enterprises, Panaji; Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, Mangalore; Konkani Bhas ani Sanskriti Prathisthan, Mangalore; Mangala Jyoti, Mangalore; Parish Priest, Omzoor, S. Kanara Dist.; Pilar Seminary, Pilar; Vice-Postulator, Pilar; The Editors of Konkani periodicals Amar Konkani, Mangalore; Darshan, Karwar; Uzwal, Honavar; Divo, Mumbai; Konkan Times, Betim; Rutu, Mangalore; Saraswati Prabha, Hubli; Amcho Yuvak, Mangalore; Kuttam, Mumbai, Amcho Sandesh, Mangalore. 


TSKK has acquired 20 study tables for its classrooms.  A good Sony sound system is also installed for audiovisual presentation. 


   TSKK library books have reached the number 12,820. Some of the important new arrivals of this year are the following books: "Flora of Karnataka" by B.D. Sharma, et al.; "Flora of Sindhudurg" by B.G. Kulkarni; "Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology Vol. 66 to 68" Ed. By G.P. Bhatt; "Hortus Malabaricus (English edition) 12 Vols." By Van Rheed, Tr. By K.S. Manilal; "Konknni Xobdsagor: Vol 2" by Pandurang Bhangi; "Somogr Shonnoi Gõybab: 2 Vols" ed. Shantaram V. Valaulikar;  "Ami Konglish uloitanv: Vol 1" by J. B. Sequeira.  A number of English movie VCDs have been procured.  A digital camera has been bought to preserve old books and documents in CDs. 


   Landscape work is still in progress.  TSKK mini botanical garden attracts a number of plant lovers from Goa and elsewhere. Students of St. Xavier College, Mapuça, Teachers' Training College, Porvorim; Fr. Agnel Higher Secondary School, Pilar; Home Science, Panaji; Loyola Hall, Miramar; Jesuit Tertians, Pedro Arrupe Institute, Raia; Jesuit scholastics from Berchmans College, Pune; Staff of St. Mary High School, Mangalore, Staff of Rosary School, Ajra; Postulants of Medical Mission Sisters, Socorro and a number of plant lovers have visited TSKK and its garden. 


TSKK gives every year Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar to a person who has contributed substantially to Konkani in Goa. In the beginning the award was of Rs 10,000/-. From the year 2003 the amount is Rs 25,000/-. With the constant lowering of the bank interest, we are finding it difficult to maintain this amount.  Besides, we would like to enhance the award to Rs 50,000/- per year.  In view of this, our target is to collect a corpus fund of Rs 12 lakhs (Rs 1.2 million). This will be a fitting tribute to Late Fr Antonio Pereira and what he has done for Konkani and Goa.  Hence, we appeal generous contributions for this project from Konkani friends and well-wishers of Fr Pereira and TSKK. The contribution to this fund could be sent to Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr - APKP Corpus fund, B. B. Borkar Road, Alto Porvorim, Goa - 403 521, India.  


   TSKK receives no grant or any financial assistance from the State and Central Govts.  We entirely rely on God and generous people of good will.  Hence we appeal for help from those who love Goa, Konkani and its rich cultural heritage.  Our requirements are as follows:

*Sponsors for three days cultural festival.

*Sponsors for scholarships for B.A. and B.Ed. students.

*Sponsors for Competitions for college students.

*Sponsors to develop and maintain TSKK botanical garden.

*Sponsors for library books, periodicals and cupboards.

*One laptop computer and one LCD projector.

No amount is too small for us. Donations for TSKK are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Kindly send your contribution to:    

Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr

     B.B.Borkar Road, Alto Porvorim, Goa - 403 521, India.

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