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Konknni Courses

The TSKK team consisting of Fr. Jose Silveira S.J., Ms. Swara Pednekar and Ms. Pooja Tople, conducted Konknni courses, Residential and non Residential, for beginners, both in Romi and Devanagari script during the course of the year.  These courses were well advertised in many of the parishes through hand out leaflets. Quite a number of people desiring to learn the language benefited from these courses. A 3 week course for the Seminarians of the Goregaon Seminary, Mumbai was held in April / May. Late Fr. Mathew Almeida’s text material “Romi Lipient Konknni Kors” was used to teach the basics of the language.


The topic selected for the Seminar this year was Konknni Nattok ani Somajacher tacho Probhav, which was held on September 12, 2015.  Around 60 students from Colleges and those of the Konknni Department of the Goa University participated in it. Dr. Rajay Pawar, presented a paper on Adhunik Konknni Nattkachem Svarup ani Khaxelponn (The Nature and the speciality of modern Konkani drama), Dr. Rajdeep Naik presented his paper on Nim’m Vevsahik Konknni Nattok (The Commercial aspect of Konkani Drama) and Prof. Hanuman Chopdekar presented his paper on the topic Konknni Rongmachie mukhar axil’lim avhanam  (The challenges of Modern Konkani Drama).

Dr. Prakash Parienkar, head of the Konkani Department of Goa University was the Chief Guest while Dr. Pandurang Phaldesai gave the keynote address. Dr. Prakash Vazrikar chaired the sessions. Ms. Pooja Tople a member of  the staff of the Kendr, compered the entire programme.  Students from St. Xavier’s College and from the Goa University introduced the respected personalities of the Seminar. The Director, Fr. Apolinario Cardozo S.J. welcomed the gathering and Fr. Jose Silveira S.J. the Administrator gave the vote of thanks.

Literary Works

Fr. Jose Silveira S.J., the Administrator did the final editing of the following books: “Air Hostess, “Ixtt” and “Samanarth Utram”.  He also wrote on the history and the relevance of the Exposition of St. Francis Xavier in “Gulab” the monthly magazine. The articles will appear in the December, January and February issues, with the title “Sant Fransiskachea Relikanchi Dakounn: Bhavartachi Bhorti. He also wrote the Preface to the Book “Kampinnkar” written by Fr. Luis Gomes. Besides he gave “Samiksha” (literary criticism) on the book “Bandpas” by Menino Almeida, at the monthly Samiksha programme held at the Dalgado Konkani Academy.

Fr. Jose Silveria S.J. translated a Brochure into Konkani for Sangath on different topics, such as Suicide / General Awareness / Helping elderly people. He also reviewed, along with Mr. Tomazinho Cardozo and Mr. Pandarinath, the 10 books chosen for awards by Dalgado Konkani Akademi. He translated the Indian Postal Service Recruitment Examination paper into Konkani. He was also one of the judges for the ‘Konkani Vachan  Spordha’  held by Dalgado Konkani Akademi.  

On November 8, 2015, Dalgado Konkani Akademi awarded Fr. Jose Silveira S.J. the Dalgado Tornatto Puroskar 2015 for his contribution to Konkani language.

At the request from the Seminarians of the Goregaon Seminary, Mumbai, Fr. Apolinario Cardozo S.J. emailed to them a soft copy of the English to Konkani Romi script Dictionary, which he along with the TSKK had compiled.

Cultural Programme

The Kendr organised Inter school Konknni Folk Tales Competition for the students of VII standard of North Goa. In all 27 schools participated in it. Dr. Pandurang Phaldesai and Mr. Govind Havaldar, were the judges. Ms. Pooja Tople, our staff member compered the competition.  Fr. Jose Silveria S.J. welcomed the students and Fr. Apolinario Cardozo, thanked the participants.


Konknni Opari,” a collection of Konknni Proverbs, compiled by Fr. Apolinario Cardozo S.J. and the Staff of the Kendr and edited by Fr. Luis Gomes, Lecturer at St. Xavier’s College, Mapuca and Dr. Pandurang Phaldesai, was released during the Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar ceremony on January 23, 2015. The book is special as it has been published in both the scripts, Devanagiri and Romi. The book gives the literal meaning of the proverbs in their contextual usage.

 “Gôycheo Kotha,” a collection of stories, was also released at the same ceremony. This book is the fruit of the two competitions on “Goan Story Telling” organised by the Kendr for the school students, during the last two years. This book is also printed in both scripts - in the Devnagiri and Roman script.

Looking Ahead

After much deliberation, both the Institutions, i.e. Xavier Centre of Historical Research and Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr, decided to upgrade the Institutes academically, by starting  M.A. programmes in History and Konkani at their respective centres from June 2016. We have applied for NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from the higher authorities to start the Master’s programme at our centres.  This programme will further enhance our research. Many students will benefit from this programme.


The following sponsored Puroskars were given to those, who had contributed towards the growth of Konknni language through their writings in Romi script.

The Dr. Jack Sequeria Konknni Puroskar 2014 was given to Mr. Alvaro Gomes;

The Valerio Carvalho Konknni Puroskar 2014 was awarded to Ms. Nevena Furtado;

The Maria Afonso Konknni Puroskar 2014 was given to Fr. Louis Alvares and

The Konknni Martir Floriano Vaz Puroskar 2014 was awarded to Mr. Jack Fernandes.

These Puroskars carry cash of Rs. 5000.00 each, along with a Citation, a Memento and a shawl.

The prestigious Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar 2015 was bestowed on Mr. Antonio Rosario Fernandes for his contribution to Konkani culture through tiatrs. This Puroskar consists of Rs. 25,000.00, a Citation, a Memento and a shawl.

TSKK Scholarships

The following scholarships were awarded to the students.

The Quadros Family Scholarship was given to Master Dourado Frank, for scoring highest marks in Konkani at the recently conducted Board Examination by the Goa Board of High School and Higher Secondary School.

The Helen Baptista Scholarship was given to Master Ramesh Dodamani and Miss Kumari Barsha Khadka of Government High School, Alto Betim, for even though their  mother tongue is not Konknni, they had taken this language as the third language of study.

The Lourenco & Ubelina de Souza Scholarship was given to Miss Alida Pinto, Higher Secondary School deserving student.  The scholarship amount of each scholarship is Rs. 2000.00

The Kendr is grateful to you all for supporting us through your prayers and financial assistance. God bless you all. On behalf of the Kendr family I wish you all - Happy Christmas and God’s abundant blessings for the New Year 2016.

Tumchea dolleant musoll astana, tumi dusreanchea dolleantle kisor koxem kaddum yeta.
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Konknni mollar Gycheo ani her ganvcheo mukhel ghoddnnuko
Bhurgeam khatir gitam, kovita, kannio ani her bhurgeanache avddiche borpavollicho punzo.
Novim utram, tanchi mahiti ani vapor.
SMS-achea mollar Konknni.
Mhoineache Suvalle
Gychim festam, porbo ani zatra
Konknni monxachem purvillem bhanddar (gitam, kannio, mhonni, humannim, opari, adi).
Konknni Sod lekh ani her prokarache lekh.
Konknni kotha.
Konknni kovita ani gitam.
Novim pustokam, CD hanchi vollok.
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