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Konknni Courses

The academic Staff of the Kendr, consisting of Fr. Jose Silveira, Fr. Kelwin Monteiro, Ms. Swara Pednekar and Ms. Pooja Tople, conducted Konknni Courses in Roman and Devnagiri script during the course of the year. These courses were held in the morning and in the noon session. The aspirants can be broadly classified into three groups. The first group belonged to those who wanted to know the basics of the language and these were given the Basic Konknni course. the Basic Konknni course Stressed on Reading, Writing, Phonetics and Conversational skills. The second group aspired to improve their language skills while the third group needed to improve their knowledge of the language inorder to work in Goa. Their quest was satisfied by using a different methodology. On the completion of the course, each aspirant was given a Course Certificate.

Cultural Programme

The Kendr organized the Dialogue Competition on the topic My Vision of Goa on  July 22, 2017 for students of Std. VII of North Goa.  25 schools participated in this competition. It was interesting to note how the students would want to see Goa in the near future. They wanted the State of Goa to be free from the prevailing evils, such as Drugs, Pollution, Garbage, Dirt, etc.  The 5 prizes were bagged by students of Dr. Hegdewar High School, Cujira, Our Lady of Grace High School, Bicholim, G.S. Amonkar Vidya Mandir, Mapuca, St. Mary’s Convent High School, Mapuca and St. Anthony High School, Mapuca respectively. Dr. Pandurang Phaldesai and Fr. Kelwin Monteiro were the judges. Ms Swara Pednekar, a TSKK Staff, compered the programme. All the participating students were given Educational Gift hampers and Participating Certificates.


This academic year, the Kendr organised two seminars for the Goa College students and for the M.A. students of the Goa University.  The first seminar was held on February 27, 2016, on Manddo / Dulpod – Amchem Goykarachem Daiz.  Two eminent personalities in this field, Mr. Arlindo de Miranda spoke on ‘Mandddo / Dulpod: Kal ani Aiz’ while Mr. Francisco Noronha spoke on ‘Experiences in the field of Manddo and its Presentation’. Fr. Jose Silveria S.J. welcomed the speakers and introduced them. Fr. Apolinario Cardozo gave the vote of thanks. About 45 students participated in it.  Students from Churby Cheeks School, Porvorim, gave a short presentation on Manddos / Dulpods at the start of the Seminar.

The next seminar was organised on  October 14, 2017, on Zagor. Dr. Pandurang Phaldesai presented a paper on Pernni Zagor ani tachem khaxelponn, Mr. Marcos Gonsalves presented his paper on Kristanvancho Zagor, Samajik, Bhavnik ani Dharmik sombond and Mr. Khanta Gavde on Hindu – Gavda Samudayecho Zagor, viksit nodrentlean niyal. The Seminar was compered by Mr. Ajik Kerkar. There was a sizeable representation from the invited colleges and students from the Konknni Department of the Goa University. Besides the students, a number of lecturers who accompanied the students also took an active part in the Seminar. The entire TSKK team contributed to the success of the Seminar.

Workshop for Librarians

Xavier Centre of Historical Research and Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr, Porvorim, in collaboration with the Directorate of Education and Higher Education, Porvorim, jointly organized a Workshop for Librarians of High Schools, Higher Secondary Schools and Colleges on the topic, Libraries and Librarians, Challenges, Expectations and Services, on 29 November 2017 in the Fr. Claude Saldanha Hall, Xavier Centre of Historical Research Building. The Resource persons for the Workshop were, Dr. Remy Dias, Deputy Director of Higher Education, Porvorim and Dr. Maya Carvalho e Rodrigues, Librarian of Nirmala Institute of Education, Altinho Panjim. Dr. Remy Dias spoke on Re-Orienting our Libraries for Research in Social Sciences while Dr. Maya Carvalho e Rodrigues spoke on Recent Trends in Library Development. In all 167 Librarians from across the State participated in this Workshop. The librarians shared their views on their role as Librarians in their respective Institutions, the difficulties they face and their expectations from the Managements and the Department of Education. From the feedback it could be seen that all profited much from this Workshop. The participants were happy that the Institutes had taken the initiative to give them an opportunity to voice their concerns. They also had a chance to visit the libraries of both the Institutes. The Staff of both the Institutes actively collaborated in this venture. We will collate the feedback from the participants and present the same to the Directorates of Education and the Managements of Educational Institutes for further action. Besides other responsibilities, Savio Abreu welcomed the participants on behalf of both the Institutes, Fr. Apolinario Cardozo gave the Vote of thanks, Fr. Anthony da Silva introduced the Resource persons, Fr. Jose Silveira designed the backdrop and Fr. Kelwin Monteiro captured photographically the important moments of the Workshop. Mr. Ian Pinto, Asst. Teacher of St. Britto High School, Mapuca compered the Workshop.


This year the annual Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar Ceremony was held on 21 January, 2017. Mr. Salil Naik, a famous Goan film actor, was the Chief Guest. A number of puroskars were given to prominent Konknni writers who had contributed to the growth of Konknni language and culture.  

The prestigious Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar 2017 was conferred on Mr. Brazinho Soares, for his long contribution to Konknni language. The Puroskar carries along with it a Certificate, a Shawl, a Memento and  cash prize of Rs. 25,000.00.

The other sponsored Puroskars given at the ceremony were:

the Konknni Martir Floriano Vaz Puroskar 2016, to Ms. Natty Fernandes,

the Dr. Jack Sequeira Konknni Puroskar 2016, to Fr. Luis Gomes,

the Valerio Carvalho Konknni Puroskar 2016, to Ms. Maria S Afonso and

the Maria Afonso Konknni Puroskar 2016, to Fr. Jose Dias.

The above Puroskars carry along with them a Shawl, a Citation a Memento and a cash prize of Rs. 5000/- each.

TSKK Scholarships

During the same ceremony the Kendr also gave a few sponsored scholarships to the students who have shown love for the language.

The Quadros Family Scholarship of Rs. 2000.00, was given to Ms. Janice R Fernandes,  

the Helen Baptista Scholarship of Rs. 2000.00 was given to Master Shubham Vishwakarma  and Kumari Priya Mistry and

The Lourenco & Ubelina De Souza Scholarship of Rs. 2000.00 was given to Ms. Shenon D’ Souza. Fr. Ave Maria Afonso and Dr. Janet Fernandes compered the ceremony.  

We were able to organize the above programmes with your assistance. God Bless you all. On behalf of the TSKK family, I wish you all



Vellant vell kaddun tumchea mogachea monxanche panch bore gunn sodun kaddun tankam sangat.
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Bhurgeam khatir gitam, kovita, kannio ani her bhurgeanache avddiche borpavollicho punzo.
Novim utram, tanchi mahiti ani vapor.
SMS-achea mollar Konknni.
Mhoineache Suvalle
Gychim festam, porbo ani zatra
Konknni monxachem purvillem bhanddar (gitam, kannio, mhonni, humannim, opari, adi).
Konknni Sod lekh ani her prokarache lekh.
Konknni kotha.
Konknni kovita ani gitam.
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