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Academic Programmes

During the course of the year, the academic team, consisting of Fr. Jose Silveira, Fr. Kelwin Monteiro, Ms Swara Pednekar and Ms Pooja Tople conducted Basic Konknni Courses for the aspiring adults.

The Kendr organised an Elocution Competition in July for the students of Standard Seven from schools in North Goa, on Gōychim Festam (Goan Festivals). The purpose of this was to instil in them love and appreciation for our inherited culture and traditions. Every participant was given an educational gift hamper, besides the prizes.

In February, in collaboration with the Konknni Department of the Goa University, we organised a Seminar for the M.A. Konknni students on Fr. Thomas Stephen’s invaluable contribution to Konknni Literature, Krist Purann, Roop ani Prarup. Fr. Kelwin Monteiro presented a paper on, The Life of Fr. Thomas Stephens and his Writings for it. In October the Kendr had a Symposium for the College students and those of the Konknni Department of Goa University on Goan Folklore. Of the 4 papers presented, two were by the Kendr faculty members, i.e., Sao Joao: Dharmik, Paramparik Sonskrutik Lok Utsov by Fr. Jose Silveira and Kunnbi Gitam: Sonskrutik Pallam-Mullam by Fr. Kelwin Monteiro. The other two papers presented were: Mandos and Dulpods by Dr. Cosma Fernandes (faculty member of M.E.S. College, Zuarinagar) and Dhill'lleachim Gitam by Mr. Devidas Gaonkar (a young researcher from Canacona). Dr. Prakash Parienkar, Head of the Konknni Department of the Goa University gave the key note address. Prof. Silvester Vaz (Xavier College, Mapuca) compered the Symposium.

Then in collaboration with the Directorate of Education of Goa, we organised a Workshop for the school staff teaching Konknni in Standard Seven, on Effective Language Teaching – Prose and Poetry at Xavier Centre of Historical Research. The resource persons were Mr. Govind Shetgaonkar (a recently retired Konknni Teacher) and Ms Aparna Garudi, (Asst. Teacher of Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School, Arambol) and also members on the Goa Board of Studies for Konknni. 70 Teachers from across the State participated in this Workshop and they immensely appreciated it.  The Staff of both the Institutes worked for its successful completion.

Literary Contributions 

Fr. Jose Silveira, this year has contributed the following articles:  Sunneachi Xempddi Vankddi Ti Vankddich Melolea Ghoddeak Boddoun Koslo Faido? Tuka Jevonn Bhoroitolea Hatank Ghans Marta? Mhatarea Sunneak Novio Chali Vo Manddnio Xikovop Kotthinn, Tum Konn? Boro Samariekar Vo Ghatki Judas? for the Gulab Konknni magazine.  He has now begun contributing articles on Goychi Paramporik Vevsay (Goan Traditional Occupations), a new series begun in the same magazine. Besides these, he wrote Konknnichem Poilem Veakronn Rochpi: Pri. Thomas Stephens (an article) and Chori Naka ... Chori Naka (poem) for Gōycho Pormoll (a bulletin by Dalgado Konknni Academy, Panjim). He also contributed a number of articles on ‘The Dying Culture / Traditions of Goa,’ such as Gobor (Ash), Bannxirem (Rag), Xenn (Cowdung), Xezari (Neighbour), etc on Vauraddeancho Ixtt, a Konknni weekly newspaper by the Pilar Fathers.  These are in the form of autobiographies later to be published in a book form, both in Devnagiri and Romi script. He also wrote articles on Ganvttim Vokhdam (Local Remedies for Illness), a new series begun by the same news paper.  He was one of the panellist and speaker for the one day Seminar on Konknni Borovpianchem Som’melon, organised by Dalgado Konknni Academy at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao on November 18, 2018. He spoke on Boroitana zatleo chuki sudraunk kitem korum yeta, He received the 3rd prize for his essay on Tujea Vinnem Gōykarponn khubuch unnem (Podermam ani Pao), in All Goa Literary Fest organised by the same academy. His book, Thoddem Monanatlem Thoddem Kallzantlem, a compilation of his earlier published short essays in Gulab magazine was published in August by Dalgado Konknni Academy.  His first Konknni religious audio C.D. with his own lyrics and also music, titled Stuthi Dhin’vas Argham Mhoima, was released by the parish priest of Calangute after the Easter Vigil Mass in April.   

Fr. Kelwin Monteiro’s article, St. Francis Xavier, totally committed himself to the service of the poor, was published on The Goan and oHeraldo daily newspapers. He presented monthly reflections in Konknni on Pope’s Intentions, on CCRTV – the Channel of God’s love. He presented a paper at the International Symposium on ‘Goa: Customs. Languages and Literature’,’ organised by the Camoes Institute in collaboration with Xavier Centre of Historical Research. 

Fr. Apolinario Cardozo’s two research articles, Fama de Menino Jesu de Colva and All Souls Day - Commemorating the Departed were published on The Goan newspaper. His next article on Christmas Symbols and their meaning has been given for editing and will be published by the same newspaper.

Research and Publication 

Sōd 21, our research bulletin, was released during our annual Fr. Antonio Pereira

Konknni Puroskar ceremony. This bulletin contains 3 articles by the Kendr faculty. They are: Zagor, an Overview by Fr. Apolinario Cardozo, Kalangutt Gavantlo Paramporik Zagor – Ek lhan Niyall by Fr. Jose Silveira and Common Vision, Different Forms: A Comparative Study on Zagor and Khel by Fr. Kelwin Monteiro.  The other articles are by our lay collaborators: Goychem Adim Vidhinattya, Pernni Zagor: Ek Niyall by Dr. Pandurang Phaldesai, Kristanvancho Zagor: Sanskrutit Nodrentlean Niyall by Mr. Marcos Gonsalves, Hindu Gavdda Somudayecho Zagor: Vikasit Nodrentlean Niyall by Mr. Kanta Gavdde and Konknni Mithkantli Osturi: Ek Chikitsa by Dr. Jayanti Naik.

Fr. Jose Silveira, the publisher, along with the able support of the Kendr team, brought out the monthly magazine, the Dor Mhoineachi Rotti.

New Attempts

Xavier Centre of Historical Research and the Kendr had sought permission from the Goa University to start a M.A. programme in History and Konknni at the Institutes three years back, which was declined due to some technical reasons. We have now sought permission from the Goa Government to start Graduate Courses in History, Konknni and a Vocational Course in Retail Management. The process is on.

The Meetings...

The Kendr had its Managing Committee Meeting and also the Annual General Body Meeting on July 27, 2018, and the Advisory Body Meeting on October 11, 2018. Issues related to research, educational programmes and other matters related to the Kendr were discussed.

Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar Ceremony

The Kendr had its annual Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar ceremony on the lush green lawns on January 20, 2018, wherein the Kendr bestowed a number of sponsored Puroskars to Goans who had contributed to the progress of the Konkani language and culture. A few Scholarships were also given on the occasion. The awards given were: Dr. Jack Sequeira Konknni Puroskar 2017 (sponsored by Fr. Concecão D’ Silva, Raia) to Mr. Agnelo L. Fernandes, Valerio Carvalho Konknni Puroskar 2017 (sponsored by Mr. Roque Carvalho, Mapusa) to Ms. Annie Arcanja Fernandes, Maria Afonso Konknni Puroskar 2017 (sponsored by Fr. Ave Maria Afonso, Majorda) to Fr. Tomas Lobo, Konknni Martir Floriano Vaz Puroskar 2017 (sponsored by the Kendr) to Mr. Afonso Braganza, and the late Fr. Casmiro D’ Mello Konknni Puroskar (sponsored by his family) to Mr. Natividade De Sa. All these Puroskars carry along with them, a shawl, a memento and a cash of Rs. 8000/- each.  The Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar 2018 was given to a prolific Konknni writer and actor, Mr. Premanand Lotlikar. This puroskar consists of a shawl, a memento and cash of Rs. 25,000.

The following Scholarships were given:

The Quadros Family Scholarship (sponsored by Vincy Cardoz) to Ms. Andrea Peixoto, (Presentation Convent High School, Margao), the Helen Baptista Scholarship (sponsored by Mr. Lourdes Baptista) to Master Shaiyam Neupane and Miss Sujata Parshuram Naik (Government High School, Alto Betim), and Lourenco e Ubelina de Souza Scholarship (sponsored by the family) to Miss Niffa Barbosa (Fr. Basilio Andrade Memorial Higher Secondary School, Majorda).  Each scholarship contains a certain sum of money. Fr. Kelwin Monteiro and Ms. Selena Po (Headmistress of Chubby Cheeks Spring Valley High school, Porvorim) compered the ceremony. The ‘Cherubs’ (children of the Porvorim Parish) performed in the ceremony with a prayer dance and also sang a few Konknni songs.

Our Library 

The Kendr continues to add more books to its large collection. This year also we have added some books. Students come knocking at the door of the library seeking information on various topics, useful for their research or assignments. 

Collaborative Programmes with XCHR

Both the Institutes in the campus together celebrated common festivals like, the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Diwali and Christmas. We also had an excursion to Siolim and Morjim and a pilgrimage to Old Goa during the Novena days of St. Francis Xavier feast.  

 As I conclude the annual report the Kendr team consisting of Fr. Apolinario Cardozo S.J., Fr. Jose Silveira S.J. Fr. Kelwin Monteiro, Mr. Shankar Chari, Ms. Rajashri Priyolkar, Ms. Swara Pednekar, Mr. Kanta Pirankar and Mr. Dilip Lakra wish you all, 


A Happy Christmas and A Joyful New Year 2019.

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