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Wish their Benefactors, Friends and Well wishers

Peace and Joy of

 CHRISTMAS: The Feast of Prince of Peace

   Greetings and Blessings of

  NEW YEAR 2007






On 23 December, Panaji Doordarshan telecast an interview of Pratap Naik on "Christmas and its traditions". He was interviewed by Ms Dipali Sankolkar of TSKK.  

Dr Shinzo Kawamura, S.J. and Dr Cyril Veliath, S.J. of Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan were TSKK's guests from 31 December to 2 January 2006.  They are keen that Sophia University and TSKK work on common projects.



On 10 May Dr Anthony da Silva, the Jesuit Provincial of Goa Province released TSKK Research Bulletin Sod 10. It contains articles in English related to the topic of Konknni scripts.  Articles are contributed by Nelson Lopes, Cypriano Lopes, Tomazinho Cardozo, Eduardo Faleiro, Alito Sequeira, Jason Fernandes, Madhavi Sardesai, Geralda de Lima Angenot, Joe F. Vaz, Ramnath Naik, Godfrey Gonsalves, Matthew Almeida, S.J. and Pratap Naik, S.J.

Pratap has contributed  an article "Romi Lipi ani ticho fuddar" to The beginning and end of a Noble Institute edited by Dr Bailon de Sa.

Amar Konknni periodical published Pratap Naik's article "Konknni bhas, sahitya ani sonvskruti: vijnanik ani vyovoharik nodor". Herald English daily published Pratap Naik's two English articles "Romi Lipi action Front and its demands" and "Benefits of Konknni in Roman script in Official Language Act 1987". Goa Today, English monthly published Pratap Naik's article "Hurdles to Konknni".

Konknni Siri a textbook for BA students of Mangalore University edited by Fr. Eugene Lobo, S.J. contains two poems of Pratap Naik "Tuje mhoje modhem" and "Ghatti".

Mr. Prakash Vazrikar, a Konknni lecturer from Government College, Khandola has submitted his Konknni thesis "Konknni Kadomboreantlem somaz dorxon (Ochchev ani Karmelin kadomboreanchea sondorbhant)" for Ph.D. degree to Goa University.  He worked under the guidance of Pratap Naik.

The entire text of Konknni Basic Course in Roman script is ready. It has been prepared by Matthew Almeida. At present proof reading work is in progress.  Multi coloured Konknni textbook in Roman script for First Standard students is in progress under the supervision of Pratap Naik.  TSKK needs the financial support for both these projects.  Publications of these projects as books and audio CDs will give great boost to Konknni in Roman script.  They will be a boon to NRIs and others who do not know Indian scripts and yet want to learn basic Konknni.

TSKK Members Netra Veluskar, Preeta Naik, Dipali Sankolkar, Matthew Almeida and Pratap Naik have contributed articles, poems and other material to Ulo Konknni periodical.  Ms Joanita D'Silva has contributed a column "Gozal" to Konknni monthly Dor  Mhoineachi Rotti.




Radio Broadcast:

This year All India Radio, Panaji has broadcast regularly Pratap Naik's Konknni devotional songs from Bhakti Sobhann Vol 1,  2 and 3 Audio CD.



Audio CD:

On 10 May Mr Cypriano Lopes, the Programme executive of Goa Doordarshan released Bhakti Sobhann Vol.3 audio CD (Konknni devotional songs) of TSKK.  Out of the eight songs Pratap Naik has written the lyrics for 6 songs. For two songs Mr Melvyn Rodrigues, a poet from Karnataka has written the lyrics. Mr Eric Ozario has composed the music. Mandd Sobhann artists have contributed vocal and instrumental music.

Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy has produced "Hasun Khellun gavum-ia, an audio Konknni CD for school children. Pratap Naik's two songs "Amchea Deva" and "Zolma dis" are included in this CD.


Yahoo groups:

 On 2 November 2005 TSKK started a yahoo group called tskk-sad@yahoogroups.com to promote TSKK orthography for Konknni in Roman script. It contains Konknni texts in TSKK Roman orthography and events related to Konknni in English.  At present there are 600 members.  Membership is free.  Those who are interested to join this group could send their request to <pnaiksj@yahoo.co.in>.




From 2 Jan to 3 March 2006 Konknni Basic Course was conducted for two NRIs and two local students.

From 24 April to 10 May, TSKK conducted Konknni Basic course for 11 Jesuit scholastics.  Stress was given  to speak in Konknni.  Reading Konknni in Roman and Devanagari scripts were taught.

On behalf of TSKK, Fr Valerian Fernandes, the Parish Priest of Ajekar parish, conducted a Summer Konknni Course for school children from 25 April to 20 May at Ajekar Parish, Udupi Dist.  20 students attended the course. 

On 29 July TSKK conducted a Konknni course on "Project Methodology" for BA students.  37 students from different colleges attended this course.  The participants were given inputs on how to choose a topic of a project, how to formulate a project, data collection, its presentation and evaluation. Pratap Naik and Mr Cosma Fernandes, a Konknni lecturer from MES College were the resource persons.  TSKK research assistants Joanita D'Silva, Dipali Sankolkar, TSKK scholarship students Siona Crasto and Reshma Surlekar shared their project experiences with participants.

From 23 to 25 October TSKK organized "Mathematics Course" for primary teachers of third standard of Konknni medium schools.  23 teachers participated. Teachers were taught how to teach mathematics through various play way, do and learn methods.  Dipali Sankolkar, Joanita D'Silva, Netra Veluskar and Pratap Naik were the resource persons.

26 to 27 October TSKK conducted Konknni nursery rhymes and songs course. Teachers were taught how to teach nursery songs with action.  28 teachers of primary schools attended the course. Dipali Sankolkar, Joanita D'Silva and Netra Veluskar were the resource persons.

On 28 October Pratap Naik was invited to give the key note address on "The need of interdisciplinary approach to literature" for the College & University language teachers at UGC Academic Staff College, Goa. The same day he delivered a lecture to them on "Konknni Journalism in Kannada Script".

1 to 10 November TSKK conducted Konknni course in Roman script for TSKK Community's Jesuit scholastics.  They were given training to speak Konknni and to read and write it in the Roman script.  Fr. Ave Maria Afonso and Ms Joania D'Silva were the resource persons.

1 to 30 November TSKK conducted Konknni Basic course in Devanagari script to a German student.  Ms Dipali Sankolkar was the resource person.

13 November TSKK members spent an entire day with the in-service programme "Unlearning unlimited". Mr Praveen Sabnis and his team conducted this programme at TSKK.  He helped TSKK members to strengthen their team spirit through games, power point presentation, practical skills, stories and anecdotes.

    From 3 to 14 December Pratap Naik was at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan to attend an international symposium organized by the History Department.  He read a paper and presented a power point presentation on "The Contribution of Jesuits to Education and Konknni in Goa (1542-1759)". 

TSKK is collaborating with Prof. Maruyama Toru, Department of Japanese studies at Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan in his research project.  He is editing Jesuit Priest Diogo Ribeiro's Portuguese-Konknni Vocabulary of 1626.



  On 24 February, Fr Lederle Memorial Scholarships for the academic year 2005-2006 of Rs 5,000/- each were given to 4 Konknni MA students.

Carvalho Family Scholarships of Rs 5,000/- each for the academic year 2005-2006 were given to 2 B.Ed. students.  Mr Ulhas Buyão, a veteran Konknni musician was the chief guest to distribute these scholarships.

Fr Lederle Memorial Scholarships for the academic year 2006-2007 were given to Ms Reshma Surlekar and Ms Siona Crasto.   Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach was the chief guest.

On 18 July, Mr Lorenço and Ms Umbelina de Souza scholarship of Rs. 1700/- was awarded for the first time.  Mr Paul and Mrs Fatima Rodrigues were the chief guests. They gave the scholarship to Ms Valencia Fernandes a XII Std student of Dhempe Higher Secondary School.



TSKK in collaboration with Carvalho Family of Kundapur, Karnataka has instituted an award called Carvalho Ghorannem - Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr Kola Puroskar. It will be given to a person of Karnataka origin for his/her contribution to Konknni culture in the field of performing arts.  The responsibility of choosing a candidate and organising the award function will be taken by Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore. On 5 Feb 2006 at Kalaangann, Mangalore a programme was organized to give the first Carvalho Ghorannem - Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr Kola Puroskar for 2005 to Mr Arun Raj Rodrigues for his contribution to Konknni theatre.  The award consists of Rs 25,000/-, a memento, shawl and citation.  Mr Tomazinho Cardozo, a Konknni writer and tiatrist from Goa was the chief guest. 

On 25 August Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar 2006 was given to Mr Ulhas Buyão, popularly known as Goa Shahir.  He was given this award for his life time contribution to Konknni movement, music, and theatre.  The award consists of a shawl, memento and cheque of Rs 25,000/-. The award giving function was held at Grace Church Hall, Margão.  Mr Eric Ozario, the president of Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy was the chief guest.  During the function Pratap Naik released Ulhas Buyão's first Konknni novel Novi Fantodd in Roman script.  Mr Praveen Sabnis compered the function. This function was telecast on Goa Doordarshan on 29 August.

Carvalho Family - Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr Kola Puroskar for the year 2006 was conferred on Mr Joel Pereira, a well known musician from Mangalore for his contribution to Konknni music for the last 25 years.  On 5 November the award giving function was held at Kalaangann, Mangalore.  Fr Denis D'Sa the administrator designate of Fr Muller's Hospital, Mangalore was the chief guest.

Konknni Martir Floriano Vaz Puroskar: Mr Floriano Vaz, a youth was shot down on 20 December 1986 during the Language Agitation at Gogol, Margão.  He was the First Martyr to die for the cause of Konknni.  This year is the 20th Death anniversary of his sacrifice.  To commemorate Floriano's sacrifice for his mother tongue Konknni, from this year onwards TSKK will give Rs 5,000/- cash to the best Konknni book published in Roman script during the calendar year.  The award will be given to the best book selected by a panel of jury on 4 February during a public function.

In 1986 six more men from Agaçaim were killed during the Language Agitation.  They too are considered as martyrs of Konknni.  If Konknni supporters financially help TSKK, then TSKK will take the responsibility to perpetuate the memory of these martyrs.



On 31 January Mr Willy Goes' Konknni novel in Roman script Khand was released at Panaji. Pratap Naik was invited as the guest of honour and to give his comments on the book.

10 to 12 February 25th All India Konknni Convention was held at Panaji.  Dipali Sankolkar of TSKK attended it.

On 10 Feb 2006 Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) organized a symbolic rally at Azad Maidan to demand for equal status to Konknni written in Roman script in the Official Language Act 1987.  TSKK took active leadership to plan and organize this rally.

On 7 March on the occasion of 70th Birthday of Fr John Fernandes, Prof & Head of Chair of Christianity at Mangalore University, his friends organized a function at Mangalore.  For this occasion Konknni devotional songs composed by Pratap Naik were presented.

On 19 March at Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore Pratap Naik's Zudas Konknni play was staged by Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore to a select audience of priests, religious and lay people.

On 30 March TSKK Librarian Ms Preeta Naik gave birth to her first child, a baby girl Chaitra.

From 24 April to 10 May TSKK organized Konknni Basic course for 11 Jesuit scholastics.

2 May TSKK Research Assistant Ms Joanita Fernandes married Mr Anthony D'Silva from Morjim. 

Workers' Day was celebrated at TSKK on 13 May.  Games, prizes and lunch were part of the celebration.

On 17 May TSKK Research Assistant Netra Veluskar got her first child, a baby girl Shruti.

From 1 June Fr Ave Maria Afonso, a priest of Goa Archdiocese has joined TSKK for a period of 3 years contract. He will be the Executive Editor of Dor Mhoineachi Rotti Konknni monthly.  Besides, he will be a faculty member of TSKK.

From 15 June TSKK has started remedial classes to students who have difficulties in Konknni subject.

16 June TSKK receptionist Ensila D'Souza lost her father Mr Gabriel D'Souza.

On 20 June TSKK organized a meeting of tiatrists at Grace Church Hall, Margão to prepare an action plan for the agitation of Roman script.

On 21 June on the occasion of Mr Ulhas Buyão's birthday, Pratap Naik was invited as the guest of honour to address the gathering and to honour his colleagues during the Opinion Poll of Goa.

26 June Pratap Naik organized on behalf of Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) the 90th Birth anniversary of Late Prof. L. A. Rodrigues at DKA premises, Panaji.

8 July TSKK organized a get together of MA Konknni students and faculty members at TSKK premises. 30 students and 3 staff members of the Konknni department were present.  Sharing of information, games and refreshments were part of the function.

19 July Veletta D'Souza joined Dor Mhoineachi Rotti as a clerk.

On 25 July Tiatr Akademi organized a public meeting of those who support Roman script for Konknni.  TSKK was represented by Frs Vasco do Rego, S.J., Matthew Almeida, S.J., Ave Maria Afonso and Pratap Naik, S.J.  Vasco do Rego and Pratap Naik addressed the gathering.

26 July, TSKK called an emergency meeting of representatives of various Konknni organizations supporting Roman script at Kala Akademi, Panaji to form Romi Lipi Action Front (RLAF).  The main objective of RLAF is to bring all the supporters of Roman script under one umbrella and to bring pressure on the Goa Govt. to amend the Official Language Act 1987.

29 July, TSKK organized a celebration for TSKK members on the occasion of St. Ignatius' feast.  The celebration began with a prayer service, message of the feast, games, prizes and refreshments.  Watching a movie "Mary Poppins" was part of the celebration.

Dor Mhoineachi Rotti, the oldest Konknni monthly was edited and published for the past 42 years by Fr Moreno de Souza, S.J.  Since he found it difficult to continue this task due to his advanced age and health, from August onwards Fr Matthew Almeida has taken the responsibility as its Editor, and Fr Ave Maria Afonso as Executive Editor.  Under the new leadership Rotti has a new presentation both in appearance and content. 

On 10 August Pratap Naik was invited to give a talk on "Holistic Education" to Parents Teachers Association of St. Andrew Higher Secondary School, Vasco.

Pratap Naik was invited on 20 August to give a talk on "Language movement in Goa" to Penha da França parishioners.

TSKK called a meeting of Roman script writers on 31 August to finalize the orthography of Konknni in Roman Script.

On 6 September 1556, the first printing press in India was set up by the Jesuits at St. Paul College, Old Goa. This year the printing press in India completed 450 years.  To commemorate this event Kala Niketan, Majorda organized a function at Margão.  Pratap Naik was invited to deliver the key note address on "450 years of Printing Press in India."

On 11 September Romi Lipi Action Front organized a public function at Benaulim. Pratap Naik was invited to speak on "Issues related to Roman Script".

On 17 September Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy organized a Konknni convention at Balehonnur, Karnataka.  More than 1600 Konknnis attended this convention.  Pratap Naik was invited to speak on the topic "The use of Konknni in religious domain".

On 10 October Matthew Almeida attended a whole day meeting to discuss and finalise the orthography rules to write Konknni in Roman script, prepared by the Goa Konkani Akademi.

On 5 November Pratap Naik was invited by Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore to give a lecture to Konknni activists on "Holistic approach to Konknni".

On 11 November TSKK members attended the Thanksgiving Mass offered at Bom Jesus by Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenabch, the Superior General of Jesuits.

16 to 17 November Pratap Naik gave lectures using films and power-point presentation to Jesuit tertians on topics "Glimpses of Goa", "Goa Jesuit Province (1542-1759), "Present day Jesuit Province and its works".

On 21 November TSKK members went for their annual picnic. They visited Anjunem dam at Sattari Keri and to see the waterfall and caves at Harvalem, Vitthal Temple at Sanquelim, positive children at Holy Cross convent, Tivim.  It was a good relaxation for all of them and an occasion to build team spirit.

On 4 December Mr Praveen Sabnis and team conducted at TSKK premises a course on "Learning to forget" for trainers.  TSKK members Preeta Naik, Dipali Sankolkar, Joanita D'Silva and Netra Veluskar participated in the course.

 On 20 December a Christmas get together was organised for TSKK members.  The celebration consisted of a prayer service for peace and harmony, a Christmas message, games and refreshments.   Mr Shankar Chari and his team took the responsibility to prepare the crib and decorations.

TSKK has given the lead to get official recognition to Konknni written in the Roman script in the Language Act 1987.  It has also supported the movement for the demand of equal importance to Konknni written in Devanagari, Roman and Kannada scripts by the Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.  TSKK has enlightened the public by talks, data, facts, articles, press releases, group discussions and TV interviews on local and national channels.  Till Konknnis unanimously decide the official common script of Konknni, TSKK will continue to recognise, promote and serve Konknni written in various major scripts.  For TSKK the survival and growth of Konknni language is more important than its scripts.   Pratap Naik has attended more than 50 meetings related to the script issue, organized at different parts of Goa.  With the other supporters of Roman script, he has met the Chief Minister, Dy. Chief Minister, all the ministers and a number of MLAs several times.  Besides, he has met Ms Margaret Alva, the General Secretary of All India Congress Party, Mr Abdul R. Antulay, Minister of Minority Commission, Mr Eduardo Faleiro, the NRI Commissioner.  Due to the proactive and dynamic role played by TSKK in various issues related to Konknni, TSKK has become the target of many admirers and opponents!

   TSKK's academic help was sought by Goa University; various Colleges in Goa; K.K. Birla Foundation, New Delhi; Central Inst. of Indian Languages, Mysore; Karnataka Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi; Konkani Sahitya Academy, Mangalore; Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore; Goa Konkani Akademi, Dalgado Konknni Akademi, Goa.  Doordarshan, Goa used TSKK premises for their video film "Tunch Mhozo Raza". Konknni writers, Tiatrists and researchers consult TSKK to seek information regarding Konknni language, literature, education and culture.



Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, the Superior General of Jesuits and his General Counsellor Fr. Lisbert D'Souza, visited TSKK on 9 November at 11 a.m.  He was given a solemn welcome at TSKK.  He saw the display of Jesuit contribution to Konknni in Goa. He presented Fr Lederle Memorial Scholarship to MA Konknni student Ms Reshma Surlekar. He addressed the TSKK members.  He appreciated TSKK's achievements and encouraged them to carry on the task of serving Konknni and Konknnis.



 TSKK lost its founding member Fr Joaquim de Melo, S.J. on 10 September. The other benefactors and friends which TSKK lost this year are Fr Henry Keifter, SAC, Chicalim on 21 February; Dr Manoharrai Sardessai, Panaji on 22 June; Mr Xavier Mendonça, Udyavar, Karnataka on 14 June; Fr Antonio Pais, Moira on 22 October. TSKK condoles the death of its benefactors and conveys its sympathies to their family members.  May God grant them eternal rest and peace!

Various organisations and individuals have helped TSKK in various ways.  We gratefully acknowledge the donors of cash, books, periodicals, CDs, and all other types of help, by listing them by name and place only.

Mr John Afonso, Loliem; Mr Nevil Afonso, Quepem; Dr Jean-Pierre Angenot, Brazil; Dr Ajay Aras, Panaji; Fr Peter Balleis, Germany; Fr Reginald Britto, S.J. Baga; Mr Miguel Braganza, Mapuça; Mr Ulhas Buyão, Margão; Mr Tomazinho Cardozo, Candolim; Mr John & Ms Jacintha Carvalho, Pune; Mr Loyola Carvalho, Kundapur, Karnataka; Mr Patrick Carvalho, Mumbai; Mr S. C. Carvalho, Mangalore; Ms Juliana Crasto, Mumbai;  Mr Ashok Chodankar, Vasco; Dhempo Trust, Panaji; Dr Bailon de Sa, Corlim; Fr Vasco do Rego, S.J., Panaji; Fr Casmiro D'Mello, Saligão; Mr Bonaventure D'Pietro, Anjuna; Mr Sunil Prabhu Desai, Panaji; Mr Michael D'Silva, Mapuça; Ms Lorraine & Mr John D'Silva, Porvorim; Dr Chandralekha D'Souza, Vasco; Ms Norma & Mr Gratian D'Souza, Mumbai; Mr Theo D'Souza, Aldona; Mrs Ubaldina D'Souza, Miramar; M/s C.N. de Sa, Panaji; Mr Cosme Fernandes, Pernem; Mr Cyril Fernandes, Benaulim; Fr John Fernandes, Mangalore; Dr Philomena Fernandes, Socorro; Fr Valerian Fernandes, Ajekar, Udupi Dist.; Fundação Oriente, Panaji; Dr Fatima da Silva Gracias, Panaji; Mr Ibadullah Khan, Assagão; Mr Dinesh Kubal, Porvorim; Goa Heritage Action Group, Panaji; Mr Clarence Lewis, Dubai; Ms Genevieve & Mr Titus Lewis, Mumbai; Mr Terence Lewis, Mumbai; Ms Florine Lobo, Bantwal; Mr Purushottam Mallya, Kochi; Mr Arvind Mhambro, Mumbai; Fr Nacimento Mascarenhas, Vasco; Ms Rosy Mascarenhas, Malad, Mumbai; Mr Jerome Mendes, Margão; Mr Paul Moras, Mangalore; Ms Cynthia Menezes, Porvorim; Mr Kingsley Nazareth, Mangalore; Mr Frederick Noronha, Saligão; Ms Winnie & Mr Cyprian Noronha, Mumbai; Mr Ancy Paladka, Mumbai; Mr Victor Rangel Ribeiro, USA; Mr Leonancio M. Roasario, Old Goa; Mr Mathew Pires, France; Mr Praveen Sabnis & team, Panaji; Ms Kajal & Mr Lalit Shah, Panaji;  Mr Umesh Sharma, Kuwait; Mr Yusuf Sheikh, Vasco; Swami Prabhudhar, Madwal, Belgaum; Dr Maruyama Toru, Japan; Mr Roque Vaz, Sanguem; Mr Ramkrishna Zuvarkar, Goa Velha; Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, Mangalore; Goa Konkani Akademi, Panaji; Gomantak Marathi Akademi, Porvorim; Mangala Jyoti, Mangalore; Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore; Sandesha, Mangalore; CIIL, Mysore; St. Joseph Seminary, Mangalore; The Editors of Konknni periodicals Amar Konkani, Mangalore; Darshan, Karwar; Uzwal, Honavar; Divo, Mumbai; Konkan Times, Betim; Saraswati Prabha, Hubli; Raknno, Mangalore; Amcho Yuvak, Mangalore; Amcho Sandesh, Mangalore; Mithr, Mangalore; Kirnnam, Cuncolim.




At the end of 2006, TSKK library books have reached the number 13,200.  Some of the important new arrivals are: Van Rheede's Hortus Malbaricus (1678-1693). English Edition 12 Vols. by K.S. Manilal; Vocabulario da Lingoa CanariFeito Pellos Padres da Companhia de Jesus que residem na Christandade de Salcete e novamente acressentado com varios modos de fallar pello Padre Diogo Ribeiro da mesma Companhia anno 1626. compiled by Maruyama Toru; Cuncolim down the ages By Planton Faria;  Indo Portuguese History -Global Trends Ed. Fatima da Silva Gracias; Birds of Western Ghats by Satish Pande; Prakrit Hindi Kosh 2 Vols. By Udau C. Jain; Kaleidoscopic Goa: A cultural atlas by Pandurang Phaldesai.



   TSKK mini botanical garden attracts a number of students and plant lovers from Goa and elsewhere. 




   On 29th March 2007 TSKK will complete 25 years of its existence and activities. TSKK intends to organise various programmes during its Silver Jubilee year.  TSKK receives no grant or any financial assistance from the State and Central Governments.  We entirely rely on God and generous people of good will.  TSKK wants to improve its infrastructure and facilities to render quality service to Konknni. Hence we appeal for help from our benefactors, friends well wishers and those who love Goa, Konknni and its rich cultural heritage.  Kindly help TSKK generously so that TSKK can serve Konknni and Konknnis.

TSKK needs financial support for the following items:

One 25 KV Silent generator (3 lakhs)

7 dedicated computers with UPS (Rs 43,000/- each)

Four 17" TFT Monitors  (Rs 13,000/-each)

3 Epson LX 300 dot matrix printers (Rs 7,500/- each)

One touch board for classes & courses (Rs 1.5 lakhs)

To publish 1000 copies of Konknni Basic course in Roman script (approximately 260 pages) Rs 1 lakh

To produce audio CD of the book

To publish 500 copies of multi coloured Konknni text book in Roman script for First Standard Students (80 pages) Rs 80,000/-.

   No amount is too small or insignificant for TSKK.  Donations to TSKK are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.  Kindly send your generous contribution to:


    Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr

     B.B.Borkar Road,

  Alto Porvorim,

Goa - 403 521, India


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