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The closing function of Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr (TSKK) Silver Jubilee was held at TSKK premises on March 28. Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrão was the Chief Guest. Mr Eric Ozario, the Gurkar of Karnataka Konknni Sahitya Academy; Mr Wilson Mazarello, the Convenor of Romi Lipi Action Front; Mr Purnanand Chari, the President of Konkani Bhasha Mandal, Goa; Mr Premanand Lotlikar, the President of Dalgado Konknni Akademi; Fr Anthony da Silva, S.J. the Provincial of Goa Jesuits were the guests of honour.  Shilpa Salvi and Netra Kundaikar of TSKK compered the function. Pratap Naik, S. J. the director of TSKK welcomed the guests.  Dr Prakash Vazrikar of introduced the awardees and Preeta Naik of TSKK gave vote of thanks.  TSKK organized Fancy Dress, Konknni story narration, drawing & colouring, poster, rongoli and fancy lamp making competitions for students of primary to college and adults on the occasion of the closing ceremony. Prizes and certificates were distributed during the Silver Jubilee closing function.  Young Chico and his troupe entertained the audience by singing old Konknni film songs.  Shankar Chari of TSKK was in charge of decoration, light and sound.

On 28 March Eric Ozario, the President of Karnataka Konknni Sahitya Academy released Pratap Naik's book Bhokti Sobhann Konknni devotional songs in Roman script.

On 30 March Karnataka Konknni Sahitya Academy published Pratap Naik's two books. Kon'nodd Lipient Konknni Borounchi Promann Rit and the transliteration of Bonaventure D'Pietro's Konknni novel Tichea Morna Uprant from Roman script to Kannada script at Mangalore.

TSKK Research Bulletin Sod 13 was released at TSKK premises on 18 December by Mr Cipriano Lopes, Programme Executive of Doordarshan, Goa.    It contains articles mainly related to script. It contains articles of Late Suniti Kumar Chatterji, C. Sivaramamurti, Vasudevsharan Agrawala, Tomazinho Cardozo, Wilmix Wilson Mazarello, Salvador Fernandes, Seby Fernandes, Vincy Quadros, Godfrey Gonsalves, Ancy D'Souza, Vincy Quadros, J.B. Moraes, Nina Maria Caldeira and Pratap Naik.

The revised second edition of Devanagari Lipient Konknni Borounchi Promann Rit was released at TSKK premises on 18 December by Ms Manisha Toraskar, Primary Teacher of St. Anthony School, Guirim, Goa.

The text of Aesop's Fables in Roman script is ready and the manuscript has been submitted to Dalgado Konknni Akademi for publication. Shilpa Salvi has done the translation of these Aesop's Fables.

The first draft of Amchi Bhas Primer 1 in Roman script is ready.

TSKK's academic assistance and guidance was sought by a number of researchers, institutions from India and abroad and Goa University students for their thesis, projects and assignments.  TSKK has served a number of researchers through e-mail and it's TSKK-Sad Konknni Group.  At present it has 780 members. 

During the Silver Jubilee closing function 0n 28 March Purnanand Chari, the president of Konknni Bhasha Mandal, Goa, released TSKK Darshan DVD. It is a 37 minutes Konknni documentary on TSKK and its activities.  Pratap Naik has directed it. Joanita D'Silva of TSKK is the commentator.  Netra Kundaikar, Dipali Sankolkar and Preeta Naik have written the commentary. Photography and editing is done by Darshan Lolienkar.

On 5 October Hanv ani Mhozo Dev MP3 was released by Fr. Nelson Pinto, OCD the administrator of Child Jesus Shrine, Kulshekar, and Mangalore.  The lyrics are written by Pratap Naik and Music is composed by Eric Ozario.

TSKK Konknni programme of children's song and dance was telecast on Doordarshan on 30 October 2007. Doordarshan repeatedly telecasts the same programme on public demand.  Dipali Sankolkar trained the children for choreography. Similarly, Pratap Naik's Konknni devotional songs are regularly broadcast by All India Radio, Panaji.

TSKK's website has been redesigned by Team Inertia Technologies, Panaji. It was launched on December 18 by Mr Wison Mazarello, the Convenor of Romi Lipi Action Front.  Besides, the information about TSKK and its activities, it has a Konknni section in Roman script. It contains thought for the week, Konknni folklore (proverbs, riddles), festivals of Goa, children's corner (nursery rhymes, stories), information of new releases of Konknni books, important current events in Konknni world, Konknni SMS and learn new Konknni words.  For the time being this information will be renewed on 1st and 16th of every month.  TSKK hopes through its Konknni section, Konknni will be popularized and Konknnis (Konknni speakers) will be united through the Roman script.  The English section gives the information of recent important Konknni functions and events 

TSKK organized one month Konknni Basic Course in Roman script from 14 January to 13 February 2008.  5 NRI students attended the course.  Shilpa Salvi and Netra Kundaikar were the resource persons for the course.

Diocesan Society of Education, Panaji, Goa in association with TSKK organized three workshops for the primary teachers of Diocesan Schools on 13, 14, and 15 February 2008 at Cardinal Valerian Gracias Hall, Navelim, Marina English High School, Verna and at St. Jerome's Church Hall, Mapuça on respective dates.  310 primary teachers attended these workshops.  Pratap Naik, Shilpa Salvi and Netra Kundaikar were the resource persons for the course. 

Pratap Naik was the resource person for the Orthography of Konknni in Kannada script workshop on 17 February at Mangalore.  The workshop was organized by Karnataka Konknni Sahitya Academy.

On 6 March Konknni Dept of Goa University invited Pratap Naik to give a power point lecture on ‘Sod vavracher ek dhanvti nodor' (Glimpses of Research Methodology) to its present and past students.

Central Institute of Indian Languages' Western Branch from Pune invited Pratap Naik on 8 March to give a lecture on ‘Bhas vijnanache noderntlean Konknni xikovp' (Konknni education from Linguistic point of view) to Higher Secondary and College teachers of Goa at DIET, Alto Porvorim.

The workshop on Orthography of writing Konknni in Kannada script for DTP operators of Konknni weeklies Mithr and Dirvem of Mangalore was held from 31 March to 03 April at Mangalore.  Pratap Naik was the resource person for the workshop.

Konknni Basic Course in Roman Script for Jesuit Scholastics was held from 14 April to 11 May.  5 Scholastics attended the course.  Shilpa Salvi, Netra Kundaikar and Preeta Naik were the resource persons for the course. 

Botanical Survey of Goa Botanical Survey of Goa Organized Konkan Fruit Fest from 16 to 18 May 2008 at Panaji.  TSKK participated in this fruit fest and displayed some of its garden products like Egg fruit, Cherries, Citron (Mavlling) and Malgoa Mango. 

Summer camp for I to VII Std students was organized at TSKK premises from 19 to 31 May from 09.30 to 01.00.  29 Students participated in this summer camp.  The resource persons were Shashikant Punaji, Preeta Naik and Netra Kundaikar for story narration, Sushant Gawade for stage acting, Praveen Sabnis for creativity, Lester Fernandes for cartooning, Willy Goes for calligraphy, Dominic Fernandes for drawing, Manisha Toraskar and Shilpa Salvi for song and dance.

Konknni Basic Course in Roman Script was conducted from 2 to 30 June.  Two presentation sisters and a lay person attended the course.  Shilpa Salvi, Netra Kundaikar, Joanita D'Silva and Preeta Naik were the resource persons for the course. 

 Konknni basic course in Roman script from 01 July to 30 August for a Seminarian from Saligão Seminary, Goa.  Shilpa Salvi and Joanita D'Silva were the resource person for the course.

Part time Konknni course in Roman script for one student a Doctor by profession was conducted from 1 July to 30 November. Preeta Naik was the resource person.

 TSKK in collaboration with the Government College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Khandola, Marcela conducted a Konknni course on ‘Project methodology' 40 BA students of 4 different colleges participated in this course.  The course was conducted in the premises of Khandola College.  Pratap Naik and Shilpa Salvi of TSKK, Dr. Rath of Govt. College, Khandola and Mr Bhushan Bhave of P.E.S. College, Ponda were the resource persons.  The participants were given inputs on how to choose a topic for the project, data collection, its presentation and evaluation.

On 4 August Project Methodology Course using power point presentation was conducted at St. Xavier College, Mapuça.  60 students were present for the course.  Pratap Naik and Shilpa Salvi conducted the course.

Konknni Basic Course in Devanagari Script was conducted from 09 August to 18 October.  Two officials of State Institute of Education attended this course.  Netra Kundaikar, Shilpa Salvi and Pratap Naik conducted the course.

Accountancy course was conducted for 4 Jesuit Scholastics from 2 to 06 September. Pratap Naik and Shankar Chari were the resource persons.

Konknni Basic Course in Roman Script was conducted form 01 to 31 October.   5 Students attended the course. Shilpa Salvi, Joanita D'Silva, Netra Kundaikar and Pratap Naik were the resource persons for the course. 

Dalgado Konknni Akademi organized a workshop on Konknni Orthography in Roman script on 5 October a Panaji.  More than 90 participants participated in the workshop.  Pratap Naik was resource person for the workshop.

TSKK organized English course for primary teachers from 3 to 5 November.  Mrs Marion Valladares from USA was the resource person for the course.  26 teachers attended the course. 

Pratap Naik was invited by Mandd Sobhann at Mangalore on 2 November to train the 10 Konknni singers who were selected for the final round of singing competition.    He instructed the singers regarding Konknni phonetics and pronunciation of Konknni words. 

Konknni Basic Course in Roman script was organized for 2 NRI students from 8 to 22 December. Joanita D'Silva, Netra Kundaikar, Shilpa Salvi and Pratap Naik were the resource persons.


Konknni Martir Floriano Vaz Puroskar 2007 was conferred on Mr Daniel F. D'Souza for his Konknni book in Roman script Koslich Malis Nastana. The award was conferred by Mr Wilson Mazarello, the Convenor of Romi Lipi Action Front on 28 March 2008 during the TSKK Silver Jubilee closing ceremony.  This Puroskar consists of Rs. 5,000/-in cash, and a memento.

APKP Puroskar 2008 was given to Mr Yusuf Sheikh, the former Station Director of Doordarshan for his contribution to Konknni through media and poetry. The Archbishop of Goa Filipe Neri Ferrão presented the award, which consisted of a shawl, memento and a cheque of Rs. 25,000/- on 28 March 2008 during the TSKK Silver Jubilee closing ceremony. 

This Kolakar Puroskar 2008 was presented to the eminent musician Fr Charles Vas, SVD on November 2 at Kalaangann, Mangalore.   Mr Narayan Kharvi, president of Karnataka Konkani Academy, presented the award.  Pratap Naik of TSKK attended the award function.  Fr Charles Vas was selected for his outstanding contributions in the field of Konknni devotional music.  Fr Vas has a doctorate in Indian Classical music (vocal) from the Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai.  He is presently serving as director of Sangeet Abhinay Academy, a religious institution of song and dance in Mumbai.


Fr Matthew Almeida, S.J. of TSKK was selected for ‘Sahitya Projnya Puroskar 2007-2008' of Goa Konknni Akademi for his contribution to Konknni language and Research.  The famous thinker and reviewer in Hindi Prof. Namvar Singh conferred the award on him in the presence of Chief Minister of Goa Mr Digambar Kamat on 24 April.  The award consists of Rs. 25,000/-, memento, certificate and a shawl.  The function was held at Kala Akademi, Panaji.  

TSKK has won the Special Prize in the Institutional Category at the All Goa Home Garden Competition held in January 2008.  Botanical Society of Goa conducted this competition and has given TSKK a Certificate of Merit and cash prize Rs. 1,000/-.  The prize distribution function was held at Botanical Society, Miramar, Goa.  Preeta Naik attended the prize distribution function and received the certificate and cash prize on behalf of TSKK on 30 March.   TSKK mini botanical garden provides an opportunity for botany students and plant lovers to see and learn about local fruit and flower plants and trees. 


Konknni monthly felicitated 7 persons from various fields of Konknni on 12 October.  Pratap Naik was felicitated with Bruno Eduardo Souza Iadostik Son'man 2008 for his contribution to Konknni by the Chief Minister of Goa Mr Digambar Kamat.  A Shawl, a memento and a citation was conferred on him. 


Mr Lourenço and Mrs Umbelina de Souza Scholarship of Rs.1,700/- was awarded to Ms Concy Fernandes, Vasco.  The scholarship was awarded to her on 28 March at TSKK during Silver Jubilee closing function by Mr Premanand Lotlikar, the president of Dalgado Konknni Akademi.

On 28 December 2007 TSKK Research Assistant Joanita D'Silva gave birth to her first child, baby girl Jizal.

Fr Ave Maria Afonso, the executive editor of Dor Mhoineachi Rotti and a collaborator of TSKK has contributed Konknni articles to Jivit, Gõykar and Renevação.

Konknni entered the Guinness book of world record by breaking the world record of 36 hours of Brazil. Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore under the guidance of Mr Eric Ozario made the world record by singing 640 songs in 40 hours by 1711 singers in 44 groups from 26 January 6 am to 10 pm 27 January 2008. Pratap Naik led a delegation from Goa to be present for this unique event.

TSKK staff members celebrated Workers' Day on 1 May.  Jesuit Scholastics arranged games for the staff members.  The function was concluded after lunch.

On 28 May at 9 pm HCN channel of Goa telecast a debate on the topic ‘Is the Konknni script issue dividing Goans?'  Pratap Naik was invited as one of panellists for the debate.

Jivit Konknni monthly interviewed Pratap Naik regarding various aspects of Konknni in Goa in its June 2008 issue.   He was interviewed by the publisher of the magazine Mr Michael Gracias.

On 30 July evening TSKK held a celebration for its staff members to celebrate the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola.  Fr. Reginald Britto, S.J. was the Chief Guest.  TSKK English-Konkani Dictionary Project was launched on that day.    This dictionary will help the students, teachers, writers, translators, preachers and others to get correct Konknni words for English head words.  It will contain more than 40,000 English main words.  Konknni equivalents will be given in Roman script.  The main features of this dictionary will be to give a variety of Konknni equivalents from written and spoken Konknni, to give their pronunciation and grammatical information.  As a part of the celebration a short prayer service was held followed by refreshments and exchange of greetings. Sch. Roque D'Costa compered the programme.

Pratap Naik contributed a Konknni article Jezuchi Sobha (Society of Jesus) for the world Konknni Porichoy Kox (Konknni Encyclopaedia)

On 9 August Pratap Naik was invited to give a talk on The Faith in God gives meaning to our lives for the staff of Tourism Dept. of Goa at Panaji.

On 26 September and 1 October Pratap Naik gave power point presentation at Carambolim Church on attacks on minorities in Orissa and Karnataka.

Dalgado Konknni Akademi organized a Konknni essay competition on the topic ‘Gandhijichim totvam aiz kiteak faideachim?' (‘Principles of Gandhi: are they relevant today?')  Jose Silveira, S.J. a Jesuit scholastic residing at TSKK won the first prize in the open category of cash Rupees 2,000/- and a certificate.  He has regularly contributed articles to Konknni monthlies Dor Mhoineachi Rotti, Gulab and Jivit.

TSKK staff, Dor Mhoineachi Rotti staff and TSKK community went for their annual picnic to Bondla Sanctuary, Goa on 14 November.  It was a good opportunity for them to take break from their normal schedule and to enjoy to see the wild animals, reptiles and garden.

TSKK has extended its activities to reach out to the neglected migrant workers of Porvorim who attend the Government High School, Porvorim.  From 10 November the students from V to VIII Std are taught to speak, read and write simple English from Monday to Friday from 4 to 5.25 in the evening.  This programme is rendered free of cost to the children of migrant workers.  Singing dictation, oral reading, power point presentation, films, language games etc are used to teach English.   All together 30 students take advantage of this programme.  Sr. Silvia Fernandez from Siolim along with Pratap, Shilpa, Preeta and Joanita of TSKK and Jesuit scholastics Elvin Cardozo, Roque D'costa and Amit D'Souza are the resource persons for this programme.

Pratap Naik was invited to give power point presentation lectures to Jesuit Tertians at Raia, Goa on 20 and 21 November on ‘History of Goa, History of the Society of Jesus in Goa and the contribution of the Portuguese to Goa'.

Pratap Naik was invited by Konknni Pratishtan, Mangalore on 14 December to give a keynote address on the topic ‘The role of Konknni in liturgy in Mangalore Diocese'.

Pratap Naik gave the keynote address at the First Konknni Conference of Roman script held at Margão on 21-22 December 2008.

Christmas celebration at TSKK was held on 23 December for the staff and on 22 for the students who attend the English classes. 

Ms Crassie Pereira and Mrs Sharmila Nipanikar left TSKK for better prospects.  TSKK is grateful for their service.  Mr Sunil Ekka, Mrs Sunita Ekka, and Mrs Gauramma Dodamane have joined TSKK to help in garden work.

At the end of December 2008, TSKK library collection has reached to 14,700 books.  However it needs to be computerized. Some of the important arrivals of TSKK library are as follows:

Ancient Indian Literature :An Anthology (3 Vols) Edited by TRS Sharma; Medieval Indian Literature  Vol. 4 Edited by K. Ayyappa Paniker; A Comprehensive and Critical Dictionary of the Prakrit Languages with special reference to Jain Literature Vol. 3 edited by A. M. Ghatage; English Konknni Dictionary (in Kannada script) Stephen Quadros; A Cultural History of Maharashtra and Goa by Malati Mahajan; Ethnography of Goa, Daman and Div by A. B. De Braganza Pereira translated by Maria Aurora Couto; Tarini and Tar Vir the unique Boat Deities of Goa by Dr Pratima Kamat; Bacaim to Vasai, Goa :The Rachol Legacy and Bassein: The Portuguese interlude all these three books by Tereza Albuquerque; Apranta land beyond the end by Mario de Miranda; The Saraswats by Chandrakant Keni.  

This year around 40 readers have consulted the TSKK library.


TSKK lost Mr Pandurang Bhangi, TSKK's APKP recipient and benefactor. The other benefactor and friend which TSKK lost this year was Mr Patrick Carvalho from Mumbai. May God grant them eternal rest and peace.

Various organisations and individuals have helped TSKK in various ways.  We gratefully acknowledge the donors of cash, books, periodicals, CDs, and all other types of help. The list is by name and place only.

Fr Ave Maria Afonso, Porvorim, Goa; Mr Prabhakar Bhide, Panaji; Fr Charles Borges, S.J. USA; Botanical Society of Goa; Mr Cajetan Britto, Baga, Goa; Fr Reginald Britto, S.J., Baga, Goa; Mr Miguel Braganza, Mapuça, Goa; Mr Tomazinho Cardozo, Candolim, Goa; Mr John & Ms Jacintha Carvalho, Pune; Mr Michael Carvalho, Mumbai; Mr Ryanel Carvalho, Vasco, Goa; Mr Rockie Carvalho, Mumbai; Mr Walberg Coutinho, Margão, Goa; Mrs. Juliana Crasto, Mumbai; Mr Diogrinho D'Costa, Colva, Goa; Fr Casmiro D'Mello, Saligão, Goa; Fr Walter D'Mello, Mangalore; Mr Bonaventure D'Pietro, Anjuna, Goa; Mrs. Jessy D'Silva, Mumbai; Mr John D'Silva, Porvorim, Goa; Fr Conceisão D'Silva, Carambolim, Goa; Mr Michael D'Silva, Mapuça, Goa; Mr Daniel D'Souza, Vasco, Goa; Mr Felix D'Souza, Porvorim, Goa; Adv. Jovino D'Souza, Porvorim, Goa; Mr Theo D'Souza, Aldona, Goa; Fr Braz Faleiro, S.J., Porvorim, Goa; Mr Lester Fernandes, Porvorim, Goa; Mr Selvio Fernandes, Panaji; Fr Valerian Fernandes, Ajekar, Karnataka; Prince Jacob, Fatorda, Goa; Mr Cledwyn Gomes, Porvorim, Goa; Mr Peter Jones, Mumbai; Mr Clarence Lewis, Dubai; Mr Clarence Lewis, Dubai; Ms Genevieve & Mr Titus Lewis, Mumbai; Mr Terence Lewis, Mumbai; Mrs Florine and Mr Felix Lobo, Bantwal, Karnataka; Mrs. Cecilia Lourenço, Penha de França, Goa; Mr Purushottam Mallya, Kochi; Fr Nacimento Mascarenhas, Porvorim, Goa; Mrs Cynthia Menezes, Porvorim, Goa;  Mr Walter Menezes, Quepem, Goa; Mr Ramnath Naik, Ponda, Goa; Mr Cyprian and Mrs Winny Noronha, Mumbai; Mr Frederick Noronha, Saligão, Goa; Mr Anil Pais, Mumbai;  Mrs. J. Pais, Mumbai; Mr Gerald Pinto, Udupi, Karnataka; Ms Marinella Proença, Mr Vally Quadros, Dubai; Mr Melwyn Rodrigues, Mangalore; Mr Michael Rodrigues (Rodsons), Porvorim, Goa;  Mr Rosario Rodrigues; V.M. Salgaonkar Foundation, Vasco, Goa; Mr Anil Sankhwalkar, Alto Betim, Goa; Mr David Sequeira, Pune; Mr J. B. Sequeira, Mumbai Mr Yusuf  Sheikh, Vasco, Goa; Mrs Marion Valladares Smith, Candolim, Goa; Mr R. de Souza, Porvorim, Goa; Mrs Utila Vaz, Macazana, Goa; Mr Prakash Vazrikar, Sanquelim, Goa; SJ House, Tokyo; Botanical Society of Goa, Panaji;  Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, Mangalore; Goa Konkani Akademi, Panaji; Mangala Jyoti, Mangalore; Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore; CIIL, Mysore; Information and Publicity Dept. Panaji;  The Editors of Konkani periodicals Amar Konkani, Mangalore; Mithr, Mangalore; Darshan, Karwar; Raknno Prakashan, Mangalore; Ujwal, Honavar, Karnataka; Divo, Mumbai; Konkan Times, Betim, Goa; Saraswati Prabha, Hubli; Jhelo, Mangalore; Dirvem, Mangalore; Amcho Yuvak, Mangalore; Amcho Sandesh, Mangalore; Mithr, Mangalore; Kirnnam, Cuncolim, Goa.

TSKK garden is full of plants and there is no more room to plant new ones. Landscape work is still in progress.  TSKK mini botanical garden attracts a number of plant lovers from Goa and elsewhere.  Drip irrigation has been introduced to conserve
water and regular water supply to plants.  This TSKK has acquired a grass cutting machine. Due to this to control the growth of grass and weed in the botanical garden has become easier.

Mrs. Lourdes Frank along with the students of Loyola College, Maryland, U.S.A. visited TSKK on 5 Jan 2008.  Dr. Mario Carvalho from Canada paid a visit to TSKK.

Students who were studying Konknni at WRLL, Pune visited TSKK on 25 Jan 2008.

DIET students from Goa visited to TSKK on 1 February and 22 October. 

Students of St. Elizabeth High School, Pomburpa visited TSKK on 16 Feb. 

Dr. Aditya Arvind Programme producer of Discovery and History channel visited TSKK on July 21.

Ms. Bharati P. Falari of DIET, Porvorim visited TSKK on 22 October.

Edwin J. F. D'Souza a Konknni writer from Mangalore visited TSKK on October 24. 

Mr Mulki R. Bhat from New York also visited TSKK on 20 November.

Fr Lisbert D'Souza, S.J. the Assistant of SJ Superior General, Rome came for an official visit of TSKK on 4 November.

On 22 November 16 Jesuit Tertians and their 2 directors visited TSKK to get the first hand information of the centre and its activities.

Fr. Joaquim de Melo, S.J. from Guyana and Fr Charles Borges, USA were some of the important visitors.

TSKK receives no grant or any financial assistance from the State and Central Governments.  We entirely rely on God and generous people of good will.  Hence we appeal for help from those who love Goa, Konknni and its rich cultural heritage.  Help generously TSKK so that TSKK can serve Konknni and Konknnis.

TSKK needs help in the following areas:

  1. 5 inverters to receive uninterrupted electricity supply. Each inverter with battery costs Rs. 35,000/-
  2. 1 Grass cutting machine. Cost: Rs 40,000/-
  3. EPBX System. Cost: Rs. 42,000/-
  4. 1 Laser Printer Cost: Rs.  19,000/-
  5. TSKK extension programme for 30 poor students. Rs. 6,000/ per month.

TSKK needs for greater efficiency and to render quality service, a Xerox machine, Fax Machine, additional computers in the office and library.

   No amount is too small for us. Donations to TSKK are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.  Kindly send your contribution to:


B. B. Borkar Road

Alto Porvorim, Goa - 403 521, India.

Tel: 0832 - 2415857/ 2415864

Cell: 9850658565

E-mail: tskk@sancharnet.in

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