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Goa University has granted permanent recognition to Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr (TSKK) as a Konkani research institute from the academic year 2005-2006 onwards. 


TSKK has published  TSKK Romi Lipi (TSKK Orthography: Roman Script in Konkani) booklet. It is written by Pratap Naik, S.J.  It deals with the modified Roman Orthography of TSKK to write Konkani in Roman script.  It was released by veteran Konkani singer Mr Ulhas Buyanv on 15 August at Grace Church Hall, Margao.  Except the three major and one minor speech sound all other speech sounds of Konkani are correctly represented in TSKK Orthography.  Among the existing orthography systems used to write Konkani in any script, TSKK Orthography is the closest to the pronunciation.  On 2 October the second edition of TSKK Romi Lipi was released at TSKK.
   Zudas a Konkani one act and one actor play of Pratap Naik was released by Dr. John Fernandes, the head of Chair of Christianity, Mangalore University on 4 December at Kalaangann, Mangalore during the concluding function of Yuvà MÃhotsÃv. The book has been published by Mayolla Enterprises, Mangalore.  This play tries to interpret Judas in his socio-cultural, political, religious and historical perspectives.
   Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), Mysore has planned to update information about Indian languages under its project Language Information Services-India. Under this project Matthew Almeida, S.J. was asked to write a linguistic description of 1. "Konkani Morphology" and 2. "Konkani Syntax". He is one of the two linguists chosen by CIIL to represent the Konkani language for their research project.
   Sod: Konkani Research Bulletin No. 8 was released on 31 March by Mr Prakash Vazrikar, a Konkani lecturer of Govt. College, Khandola. This bulletin contains Konkani articles, written by Matthew Almeida; Madhavi Sardessai; Allan Baptista, S.J.; Shannon Pereira, S.J.; Rinald D'Souza, S.J.; Jude Carrasco, S.J.; Wilberius  D'Souza; Sripad Bhat and Pratap Naik.
   Sod No. 9 was released on 29 September by Fr Patrick de Melo, S.J. on the occasion of  felicitation programme of Matthew Almeida.  It is a felicitation volume in honour of TSKK's ex-director Matthew Almeida. It contains articles written by Joseph Velingkar, S.J.; Teotonio de Souza, Delio Mendonça, S.J.; Prajal Sakhardande, Jayanti Naik, Rinald D'Souza, S.J.; Allan Baptista, S.J.; Matthew Almeida and Pratap Naik.
   Divo a Konkani weekly from Mumbai published a Konkani article "Ko~knni bhas, sahity ani sÃ~vskruti: Ek vijnanik ani vyÃvÃharik nÃdÃr"  of Pratap Naik.  Raknno a Konknni weekly from Mangalore published  Pratap Naik's Konkani article "KenÃra, Ko~knni ani KÃn'nÃdd Lipi" Goan Observer, an English weekly from Goa published "TSKK Roman Script" and "Konkani Script Conspiracy" articles of Pratap Naik.  Matthew Almeida's article "Konkani versus Script" was published by Herald, an English daily from Goa. 
   V.Ixtt, Goencho Ulo, Divo, Panchkadayi, Goan Review, Ekvotta vorvim uzvadd  Konkani periodicals have published Pratap Naik's Konkani poems and short articles and extracts from his books. 
   Preeta Naik's historical note "100 years of Konkani novel: Kristanv Ghorabo" was published by a number of dailies.

TV Telecast: 
   On 11 May Doordarshan telecast 25 minutes interview of Fr Vasco do Rego, S.J. Pratap Naik interviewed him.
   On 23 June Goa Doordarshan Kendr telecast half an hour documentary on TSKK botanical garden. Preeta Naik, Joanita Fernandes, Netra Veluskar, Jofa Gonsalves and Pratap Naik were the commentators.
   On 18 July Goa Doordarshan Kendr organised a live telecast of phone-in programme of the education minister Mr Luizinho Faleiro. Preeta Naik and Dipali Sankolkar took part in the programme.
   On 20 July Goa Doordarshan Kendr telecast an interview of senior Konkani writer Mr Prabhakar Tendulkar. Joanita Fernandes interviewed him.
   On 21 September Goa Doordarshan Kendr telecast an interview in Konkani of Matthew Almeida.  Mr Salvador Fernandes, a Konkani lecturer from Pilar College interviewed him.
   On 6 and 18 October, Goa 365 TV channel telecast an interview in two parts in English of Pratap Naik, regarding various issues related to Konkani. Mr Derick Almeida interviewed him.
   On 11 November Goa Doordarshan Kendr telecast an interview in Konkani of Mr Jess Fernandes, the recipient of APKP for the year 2005. Netra Veluskar interviewed him.

Radio Broadcast:
   On 31 March All India Radio (AIR), Panaji broadcast Joanita Fernandes' Talk "Gandhi ani Da~ddi yatra".
   On 15 May Postgraduate Konkani Diploma students along with their teacher Joanita Fernandes presented a variety programme of 25 minutes on, AIR, Panaji.    
   This year AIR, Panaji has broadcast regularly Pratap Naik's Konkani Devotional songs from Bhakti Sobhann Vol 1 & 2 CD

Yahoo groups:
   On 2 November TSKK has started a yahoo group  called tskk-sad@yahoogroups.com to promote TSKK orthography for Konkani in Roman script. It contains Konkani texts in TSKK Roman orthography and events related to Konkani in English.  At present it has 160 members.  Day by day the membership is increasing. Membership is free.  Those who are interested to join this group could send their request to <pnaiksj@yahoo.co.in> or <tskk@sancharnet.in>

  On 21 February Konkani Shanti Publication, Mapuça released two Konkani books related to Islam. The function was held at Gomantak Maratha Samaj Hall, Panaji.  Pratap Naik was invited as a guest speaker.
   On 15 April Pratap Naik was invited by XCHR to deliver a talk during the History Hour.  He spoke on the topic, "Konkani : Myths and Facts".  The talk created quite a lot of discussion during the session and during the following months. 
   On 17 April Karnataka Konkani writers' Forum invited TSKK to conduct one day workshop on Konkani orthography in Roman script. 30 writers attended the workshop.  It was conducted at Sandesha, Mangalore.
   On 24 April TSKK was invited to conduct a one day workshop at Kalaangann, Mangalore for 10 TV artists. 
   TSKK conducted a Summer Konkani Course for school children from 23 April to 22 May at Ajekar Parish, Udupi Dist. 23 children attended the course. Mr Shekar Ajekar gave them certificates at a public function.  Mr Mark Fernandes was the guest of honour. Glenitta Silva compered the function. Fr Valerian Fernandes conducted this course. 
   From 24 June to 3 July in collaboration with Maharashtra Konkani Association, Mumbai, TSKK conducted one day TSKK Roman Orthography courses at 10 places in different parts of Mumbai and Thane.
   On 23 July TSKK conducted a Konkani course on "Project Methodology" for BA students. 38 students from different colleges attended this course.  The participants were given inputs on how to choose a topic of project, how to formulate a project, data collection, its presentation and evaluation. Pratap Naik and Mr Prakash Vazrikar, a Konkani lecturer from Govt. College of Khandola were the resource persons.  TSKK research assistants Joanita Fernandes and Dipali Sankolkar shared their project experiences with participants.
   On 20 August Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, Mangalore invited Pratap Naik to deliver the keynote address on the occasion of the anniversary of the inclusion of Konkani in the Eighth Schedule of Indian Constitution.   
   From 7 to 9 November TSKK organized "Mathematics Course" for primary teachers of Konkani medium schools.  34 teachers participated. Teachers were taught how to teach mathematics through various play way, do and learn  methods.  Fr Anthony da Silva, the Provincial of Goa Jesuit Province distributed the course certificates.
   Pratap Naik was invited to give two lectures on "The History and culture of Goa" to Jesuit tertians at Raia on 14 November.

The graduation day of the first batch of the Postgraduate Konkani Diploma Course of TSKK was held on 31 March at TSKK premises. Dr Chandralekha D'Souza of Konkani Department of Goa University conferred the Diploma on four Jesuit students. The course was started on 3 June 2004. The duration of the course was 10 months with 48 credits. 20 resource persons from various fields guided the students during the course.  The graduation programme was planned and executed by the diploma students.


Fr Lederle Memorial Scholarships: Four scholarships of Rs 5,000/- each have been installed in memory of Late Fr Matthew Lederle, S.J., the ex-chairman of TSKK. These scholarships are available to academically bright and socio-economically poor Konkani MA students.  For the academic year 2005 - 2006  and  Petsy Pereira, Edna Vaz,  Premanand Satarkar and Sonali Phadte are qualified for these scholarships.

   Carvalho Family Scholarships for B.A.: There were no deserving and qualified students from T.Y.B.A. for these three scholarships.

   Carvalho Family Scholarships for B.Ed.: Two scholar-ships of Rs 5,000/- each are given to two B.Ed. students who have opted for Konkani as one of the teaching subjects.  Pedro Fernandes and  Shobha Naik  are selected for scholar-ships.  Nileema Govekar has been  selected as a special case and allotted Rs. 4,000/ as a scholarship. 
   The scholarship students are expected to spend a certain number of hours at TSKK for classes and reference work. Besides the scholarship amount, scholarship recipients will be given a certain amount of travel allowance to come to TSKK.
   On 31 march Fr Patrick de Melo, S.J. gave Fr Lederle Memorial Scholarships for the academic year 2004-2005 to Pedro Fernandes and Petcy Pereira.  Carvalho Family Scholarships for B.Ed. were given to Prashila Naik and Jofa Gonsalves.


   Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar for the year 2005 was given to the Konkani writer in Roman and Devanagari scripts, Mr Jess Fernandes of Quepem.  The award was presented on 26 October at Municipal Hall, Quepem by Mr M.V Naik, the Director of Art and Culture Directorate.  Fr Michael Rebello, the parish priest of Quepem was the guest of honour. The award consists of Rs 25,000/-, a shawl and a memento.  Over 300 guests were present for the function.  The proceedings were interspersed with musical pieces rendered by 'Kepechi~ Kirnna~", a musical group led by Mr Elvis Goes. Dipali Sankolkar compered the function.


   TSKK Postgraduate students and a few TSKK partners went to Mangalore for a study tour from 5th to 7th February. They visited a number of Konkani and educational institutions in the city. 
   On 6 March Mandd Sobhann organized BhÃkti KÃtha (It is known as KirtÃn in Maharashtra and HÃri KÃtha in Karnataka) programme at Kalaangann, Mangalore. Pratap Naik with his colourful Kirtankar's attire was the narrator of the programme. This two-hour programme narrated the history of Konkani Catholic's devotional hymns and songs. It consisted of narration, stories, devotional dances, live music of Latin and other Konkani hymns of different periods of history, namely from 16th century to present day. 
   On 6 March senior Konkani writer and journalist Mr Chandrakant Keni was conferred Gomanta Sharada Puroskar by Kala Akademi, Goa. Preeta Naik and Netra Veluskar of TSKK attended the function.
   On 10 April Goa Konkani Akademi conducted one day workshop on "Mass communication" at Panaji. Netra Veluskar and Preeta Naik attended it.
   On 30 April Ms Genoveva Fernandes left TSKK to join her husband in the Gulf.  TSKK is grateful to her dedicated service.  
   Ms Ensila D'Souza has joined TSKK from 01May as a clerk cum receptionist.  From 01 July Dipali Sankolkar, MA in Konkani has joined TSKK as a trainee.
   Workers' Day was celebrated at TSKK on 01 May.  Games, prizes, meal and watching a movie was the part of the celebration.
   9 to 13 May Preeta Naik, Netra Veluskar and Joanita Fernandes attended Food preservation Course at Porvorim.
   27 May TSKK research assistant Ms Netra Veluskar married Mr Sunil Kundaikar from Santa Cruz.
   29 July TSKK organized a celebration for TSKK members on the occasion of St. Ignatius' feast.  The celebration began with a prayer service, message of the feast, games, prizes and refreshments.  
   On 31August the new managing committee of Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) was elected. Pratap Naik was the election officer. He was assisted by Matthew Almeida. DKA has nominated TSKK as a member of its managing committee.
   On 24 November Diamond Publications, Panaji have launched a new Konkani fortnightly of coloured tabloid size called Goencho Ulo in Roman script. TSKK has taken an active role to promote it.  TSKK members contribute regular columns to it.
   On 19 November TSKK members went for an annual  picnic to Keri beach in Pednem.  It was a good relaxation for all of them an occasion to build up team spirit.
   On 21 December a Christmas get-together was organised for TSKK members at 2.15 p.m. The celebration consisted of a prayer service for peace and harmony, a Christmas message, games and refreshments.  Mr Shankar Chari and his team took the responsibility to prepare the crib and decorations.
   Netra Veluskar is under going web designing and maintenance training at MICE, Panaji.
   Pratap Naik was interviewed by journalists of Asian Age, Deccan Herald, Fuddari  dailies and Goa Today  monthly.
   Ms Jayanti Naik, the former TSKK staff member and at present the TSKK Academic Committee member defended her Konkani Ph.D. thesis. She is the first person to obtain Ph.D. in Konkani. TSKK rejoices and congratulates her for her achievement.
   TSKK has given the lead to get official recognition to Konkani written in the Roman script in the Language Act 1987.  It has also supported the movement for the demand of equal importance to Konkani written in Devanagari, Roman and Kannada scripts by the Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi. TSKK has enlightened the public by talks, data, facts, articles, press releases, group discussions and TV interviews. Till Konkanis unanimously decide the official script of Konkani, TSKK recognises, promotes and serves the present scripts as popular scripts of Konkani. 
   TSKK has closely associated with the newly founded institution Vishwa Konkani Parishad (VKP) - World Konkani Federation to unite Konkani institutions who believe in the universal principle "Unity in Diversity".  TSKK is the temporary office of VKP.  Pratap Naik is one of the members of the ad hoc managing committee. Due to the proactive and dynamic role played by TSKK in various issues related to Konkani, this year TSKK has become the target of many admirers and opponents! 
   TSKK's academic help was sought by Goa University; various Colleges in Goa; K.K. Birla Foundation, New Delhi; Central Inst. of Indian Languages, Mysore; Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, Mangalore; Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore; Dalgado Konknni Akademi, Goa.


  On 17 December 2004 Dalgado Konknni Akademi, Goa felicitated Fr Moreno de Souza, S.J. for his contribution to Konkani literature during their cultural show at Holy Spirit Ground, Margão.
   Every year, Divo Konkani weekly from Mumbai gives Divo Literary Awards  to two eminent persons of Karnataka origin for their contribution to Konkani. For the year 2004, Pratap Naik and Mr Valerian Quadros were chosen. Pratap Naik was selected for his contribution to research in Konkani language, Konkani literature (poetry) and contribution to Konkani education.  The award consists of Rs. 25,000/ each, a citation, a shawl, a traditional oil lamp and a fruit tray.  The award giving function was held at Antonio da Silva School Hall at Dadar, Mumbai on February 13, 2005.  Mr Alfred D'Souza was the chief guest and presented the awards. 
   On 8 May on the occasion of 150th Birth centenary of Msgr. Sebestião R. Dalgado, Dalgado Konknni Akademi felicitated Fr Vasco do Rego, S.J. by conferring its first award. The award has been given for his contribution to Konkani religious literature and standardization of Konkani in Roman script. The award consisted of Rs. 50,000/-, citation, memento and shawl. Archbishop Filipe Neri  Ferrão conferred the award. The proceedings of this function was telecast for 14 minutes by Goa Doordarshan on 9 May.
   On 20 July Fr Moreno de Souza was presented "Man of the Year" award by the bi-monthly Goan Review from Mumbai.  Mr Rio Rose presented the award.  On the same day Moreno de Souza's Konkani book in Roman script, "Saxtticheo Igorzo"  vol. I was released by Ms Serafina da Costa at Gomantak Vidya Niketan Hall, Margão.  
   On September 29 Matthew Almeida completed 70 years. TSKK organized a special function in his honour that evening at TSKK premises. Dr. Jayant Budkuley, the Registrar of Goa University was the chief guest and he felicitated Matthew Almeida.  Fr Patrick de Melo, the Goa Jesuit Provincial was the guest of honour. Netra Veluskar and Dipali Sankolkar compered the function.  The function was followed by dinner.


   Mr Edwin L. Carvalho, the father of TSKK director Pratap Naik died due to cardiac arrest on 6 March at Pune. The funeral ceremony took place on 7 March at St. Anthony Church, Vakola, Mumbai.  He had generously helped TSKK from the beginning in many ways. He and his Carvalho family were responsible to establish at TSKK the Carvalho Family Scholarships for BA and B.Ed. Konkani students and TSKK-Mandd Sobhann Ko~knni KÃla PurÃskar. TSKK lost its benefactors Mr Praveen Fernandes from Bangalore on 26 January, Mr Deepak Gaonkar, Karwar on 21 May, Mr R.K. Rao from Kochi on 11 July and Fr Anton Nenzl, Goa on 2 September.  TSKK condoles the death of its benefactors and conveys its sympathies to their family members.  May God grant them eternal rest and peace.

   Various organisations and individuals have helped TSKK in various ways.  We gratefully acknowledge the donors of cash, books, periodicals, CDs, and all other types of help, by listing them by name and place only.

Ms Fatima Aguiar, Porvorim; Ms Elaine & Keith Albuquerque, Mumbai; Mr Romeo Almeida, Porvorim; Mr Wilfred Almeida, Mumbai; Dr Jean-Pierre Angenot, Panaji; Fr Peter Balleis, Germany; Fr Reginald Britto, S.J. Porvorim; Mr Anthony Pinto Braganza, Parra; Mr Miguel Braganza, Mapuça; Mr Ulhas Buyanv, Margão; Mr Tomazinho Cardozo, Candolim; Mr Alister Carvalho, Mumbai; Mr Anthony Carvalho, Quepem; Mr Ivan Carvalho, Kundapur; Mr J. S. Carvalho, Mangalore; Mr John & Ms Jacintha Carvalho, Pune; Ms Mary Carvalho, Movathamudi, Udupi Dist.; Mr Michael Carvalho, Mumbai; Mr Patrick Carvalho, Mumbai; Mr Roque Carvalho, Tallur, Udupi Dist; Mr Wilfred Carvalho, Mumbai; Ms Juliana Crasto, Mumbai; Dr Bailon de Sa, Corlim; Fr Vasco do Rego, S.J., Panaji; Fr Casmiro D'Mello, Saligão; Mr Bonaventure D'Pietro, Anjuna; Mr Michael D'Silva, Mapuça; Mr Bosco D'Souza, Alto Betim; Dr Carmo D'Souza, Calangute; Dr Chandralekha D'Souza, Vasco; Fr Lawerence D'Souza, S.J., Saklesh-pur; Mr Marcel D'Souza, Mangalore; Mr Theo D'Souza, Aldona; Mrs Ubaldina D'Souza, Miramar; M/s C.N. de Sa, Panaji; Mr Joseph Faria, Sangolda; Mr Cosme Fernandes, Pernem; Ms Janet & Mr Joe Fernandes, Miramar; Fr John Fernandes, Mangalore; Mr Orlando Fernandes, Panaji; Mr Praveen Fernandes, Bangalore; Dr Philomena Fernandes, Socorro; Mr Selvio Fernandes, Panaji; Fr Valerian Fernandes, Ajekar, Udupi Dist.; Mr Everest Furtado, Mumbai; Dr Tanaji Halarnakar, Porvorim; Mr Dinesh Kubal, Porvorim; Mr Clarence Lewis, Mumbai; Ms Genevieve & Mr Titus Lewis, Mumbai; Mr Terence Lewis, Mumbai; Ms Florine Lobo, Bantwal; Mr Leo Lobo, Tottam, Udupi Dist; Mr Purushottam Mallya, Kochi; Mr G. Mangalore, Porvorim; Dr Maruyama Toru, Japan; Mr Paul Moras, Mangalore; Mrs Rose Mendonça, Miramar; Ms Victoria & Mr Francis Mendonza, Mumbai; Dr Jayanti Naik, Quepem; Dr Edward Nazareth, Mangalore; Mr Kingsley Nazareth, Mangalore; Mr Frederick Noronha, Saligão; Ms Winnie & Mr Cyprian Noronha, Mumbai; Mr Ancy Paladka, Mumbai; Mr Joaquin Pastor, Spain; Mr Derek Pinto, Mumbai; Mr Vally Quadros, Kuwait; Ms Vijaya & Mr Adrian Sequeira, Mumbai; Mr. Herald Tauro, Alangar, S.K.Dist; Mr Prakash Vazrikar, Sanquelim; Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy, Mangalore; Goa Konkani Akademi, Panaji; Gomantak Marathi Akademi, Porvorim; Shanti Publication, Mapuça; Mangala Jyoti, Mangalore; Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore; Sandesha, Mangalore; CIIL, Mysore; The Editors of Konkani periodicals Amar Konkani, Mangalore; Darshan, Karwar; Uzwal, Honavar; Divo, Mumbai; Konkan Times, Betim; Saraswati Prabha, Hubli; Raknno, Mangalore; Amcho Yuvak, Mangalore; Amcho Sandesh, Mangalore; Mithr, Mangalore; Kirnnam, Cuncolim.


   At the end of 2005, TSKK library books have reached the number 13,100.  Some of the important new arrivals of this year are the following books: Tropica:Colour cyclopaedia of exotic plants and trees by A.B. Graf.  South Canara - Gazetteer of India 2 Vols. by John Sturrock and Harold Stuart.  On Eagle's wings: An intimate history of 125 years of St. Aloysius College, Mangalore by Prashanth Madtha. The Oraon habitat: A Study in Cultural  Geography By Alumani A. Kujur. Krista Purana: A Christian - Hindu Encounter by Nelson Falcão.



   TSKK garden is full of plants and there is no more room to plant new ones. Landscape work is still in progress.  TSKK mini botanical garden attracts a number of plant lovers from Goa and elsewhere.  Drip irrigation has been introduced to conserve water and regular water supply to plants.


   Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to India visited TSKK on 4 October evening. He was accompanied by Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrão of Goa and other priests.  Due to lack of space we will not be able to give names of many other important visitors.


   On 29th March 2007 TSKK will complete 25 years of its existence and activities. TSKK intends to organise various programmes during its Silver Jubilee year.  For this in the beginning of  2006 TSKK Silver Jubilee Committee will be formed to plan the activities of the Jubilee year. TSKK receives no grant or any financial assistance from the State and Central Governments.  We entirely rely on God and generous people of good will.  Hence we appeal for help from those who love Goa, Konkani and its rich cultural heritage.  Help generously TSKK so that TSKK can serve Konkani and Konkanis. 
   No amount is too small for us. Donations to TSKK are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.  Kindly send your contribution to:


     Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr

     B.B.Borkar Road, Alto Porvorim, Goa - 403 521, India.


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