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1. Publications:

Pratap Naik's research article The contribution of the Jesuits to education and Konknni language in Goa(1542-1759) was published in the book Beyond Borders - a Global Perspective of Jesuit Mission History edited by Fr Shinzo Kawamura, S.J. and Fr Cyril Veliath, S.J. of Sophia University, Japan.

01 June Fr Braz Faleiro, S.J. released TSKK Research Bulletin Sôd 14. This bulletin of 129 pages contains articles by Mariano Dias, Lorenço de Noronha, L.A. Rodrigues English translation of 17th Century Jesuit Ignacio Arcamone's Latin article, and Pratap Naik.

On 18 December Romi Lipient Konknni Borounchi Promann Rit (The Standard Orthography of Konknni in Roman Script) written by Pratap Naik was released at a public function by Dr Nandkumar Kamat, the lecturer of Botany at Goa University. For the last five years Pratap Naik has worked for this project. After several meetings, consultations, workshops, experiments the fruit could be seen in this book. This book will be a landmark in the history of Konknni for the standardization of Konknni in Roman script. Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA), Goa has published this book.

The Christmas issue of Sangati Mitr a Konknni monthly from Mangalore has published Pratap Naik's article Tal Chuklolem Notal.

Divo a Konknni weekly from Mumbai has published Pratap Naik's Konknni devotional songs from his Bhakti Sobhann series.


2. Projects:

Prof Toru Maruyama of Nangen University, Japan and Pratap Naik are working on a joint project to translate and edit Fr Thomas Stephens' Konknni work Doutrina Christam into English. It was originally printed at Rachol Seminary in 1640.

Ms Sunita Umbraskar, a Marathi lecturer from Goa University has worked and submitted her doctoral thesis on 17 century Jesuit Miguel de Almeida's prose work Vonvlleancho Mollo (The garden of shepherds). Pratap Naik was the VC's nominee on the Doctoral Committee.

The text of Isopacheo Kannio (Aesop's Fables) in Konknni in Roman script is ready and the manuscript has been submitted to Dalgado Konknni Akademi for publication. Shilpa Salvi has done the selection and the first draft of the translation. Editing and the final draft work has been done by Pratap Naik.


3. Courses, Seminars, Lectures and Workshops:

Pratap Naik conducted part time Konknni course for its staff members from July 2009 to May 2010.

17 January Pratap Naik attended Naturopathy course conducted by Fr J. Britto, S.J. at São Pedro, Goa.  He also attended the advance course on Homeopathy conducted by Fr J. Britto on 26, 27 and 31 January.

The Second Konknni Literature and Cultural Conference of Roman script was held on 20 and 21 February Curchorem, Goa. Pratap Naik was invited to present a Konknni paper on Sod vavr ani tachem  mohotv.

Pratap Naik conducted part time Konknni course in Roman script from 19 October 2009 to 27 February 2010 for a German psychiatrist.

Pratap Naik was invited by the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan to present a paper on The Contribution of Missionaries to Konknni Linguistics at the Sixth International Conference on Missionary Linguistics which was held at Tokyo from 16 to 19 March.

On 06 April the Goa Archdiocesan Biblical Commission invited Pratap Naik at the Pastoral Institute, Old Goa to deliver lectures on Some of the important aspects of Konknni Orthography in Roman script. Diocesan priests who are the office bearers of the various commissions of the Archdiocese were present.

21 April Pratap Naik conducted a workshop at the Pastoral Institute, Old Goa on Konknni Orthography in Roman Script and Grammar for 10 seminarians of Goa Archdiocese at the request of Liturgical Commission.

28 to 29 June Pratap Naik conducted "Konknni Grammar Course based on linguistic approach" to teachers of Loyola High School, Margão, Goa.

04 July Dalgado Konknni Akademi conducted a Konknni workshop for master of ceremonies. Dr Ajay Vaidya and Mr Xavier Fernandes were the resource persons. TSKK staff Ms Minakshi Khandolkar attended the workshop.

12 to 14 July TSKK Staff Ms Minakshi Khandolkar and Ms Trupti Naik attended three days training programme on "E-Granthalaya a digital agenda for library automation and networking" at GIRDA, Old Goa.

12 July to 11 August TSKK organized a Konknni course in Roman script for four students, of which two were Europeans.

25 July TSKK organized a training workshop on Home Gardening. 20 participants took part in this workshop. Mr Miguel Braganza, Mr Karan Manral, Ms Yogita Mehra, Ms Espi Khandolkar and Fr Pratap Naik were the resource persons. Visit to the TSKK Botanical garden was part of the workshop.

17 to 18 August Pratap Naik was invited by the Pastoral Centre, Old Goa to conduct a course on "Konknni grammar and orthography in Roman script" for 12 priests of Goa Archdiocese who are doing their pastoral year programme.

15 September to 14 October TSKK conducted a Konknni course in Roman script for four students, of which two were Europeans.

21 to 30 October conducted a crash Konknni course of 45 hours in Roman and Devanagari scripts to a Canossian nun.

15 to 17 November TSKK organized an English course for Primary teachers. 36 teachers participated in the course. Marion Valladares Smith from USA was the resource person. Method of teaching spoken and written English, oral composition and evaluation methods were the content of the course.

01 to 29 November TSKK conducted a Konknni Course in Devanagari and Roman scripts to a retired navy pilot.

30 November Pratap Naik was invited by the NRI Commissioner's office, Panaji to give a lecture on "Konknni language" to 15 NRI students who are on a study tour to Goa.

14 December Xavier Retreat House, Baga, Goa invited Pratap Naik to give lectures on "Christ in the Asian Context" to a group of 19 Mennonites from USA, UK and Canada.


4. Academic Programmes:

January 06 Konknni poetry book Vozram in Devanagari script of Dr Austin D'Souza Prabhu from Chicago was released at TSKK by Mr Tomazinho Cardozo, the president of Tiatr Academy, Goa.  Mr Yusuf A. Sheikh, a well known Konknni poet was the chief guest.

27 June Suttke Somavesh, forum from Mangalore called a meeting of all Konknni institutions in Goa to discuss the issues related to Konknni and its scripts. TSKK is also a part of the forum. Pratap Naik attended the meeting.

For the last three years on a regular basis Pratap Naik taught grammar of old Konknni to Prof Toru Maruyama, Japan through e-mail.

TSKK's academic assistance and guidance was sought by a number of researchers, Goa University, institutions from India and abroad and Goa University students for their thesis, projects and assignments.  TSKK has served a number of researchers through e-mail and telephone.



On 02 and 03 January HCN channel of Goa, telecast an English panel discussion programme on "The significance of Christmas". Pratap Naik was invited as one of the panellists for the interview.

All India Radio, Panaji has regularly broadcast Pratap Naik's Konknni devotional songs from Bhakti Sobhann series.

In the month of November Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore for the second consecutive year asked Pratap Naik to be a member of the committee to select the best lyrist of the year 2009 for the Global Konknni Awards.

0n 22 December, Goa Doordarshan recorded an interview programme with Pratap Naik and Mr Siddhanath Buyão on the topic "Your impressions of the First World Konknni Cultural Convention". Mr Wilmix Mazarello was the interviewer.  



1. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar (APKP):

APKP Puroskar 2010 was conferred on Dr. Bicaji Ganecar for his contribution to Konknni literature in the field of medical literature on 27 January.  Fr Conçesão D'Silva, the Parish priest of Carambolim, Goa was the chief guest and he presented the award, which consisted of a shawl, memento and a cheque of Rs. 25,000/-. The award giving ceremony was held at TSKK premises.  Ms Dipali Sankolkar compered the function.


2. Konknni Martir Floriano Vaz Puroskar:

Konknni Martir Floriano Vaz Puroskar 2009 was conferred on Carmelite Br M. Alfonso for his Konknni essay book Jinnechi Vatt on 27 January 2010. Fr Conçesão D'Silva, the Parish priest of Carambolim, Goa was the chief guest and he presented the award. This award consists of Rs. 5,000/-in cash, and a memento. The award giving ceremony was held at TSKK premises.


3. Carvalho Ghorannem - TSKK Kola Puroskar:

                On 05 December at Kalaangann, Mangalore in collaboration with Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore Carvalho Ghorannem - TSKK Kola Puroskar was conferred on Sant Bhadragiri Achyutdas from Bangalore for his contribution to Konknni Hari Kathe (Folk religious programme) for more than 50 years. The award was presented by Union Minister of Law and Justice and former Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr Veerappa Moily.  The award consists of a citation, memento, shawl, fruit tray and cash Rs. 25,000/-.  


4. Xennoy Gõybab Puroskar 2009:

On 04 January Vavraddeancho Ixtt Konknni weekly celebrated 77 years of its publication.  On this occasion it presented Xennoy Gõybab Puroskar 2009 to Pratap Naik for his contribution to Konknni.  The award consists of a citation, memento, shawl and cash Rs. 5,000/-.


5. Dalgado Puroskar 2009:

                Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA), Goa presented its annual awards to personalities and institutions who have contributed to the development of Konknni in Roman script on 08 April at Tiatr Academy's Conference Hall, Panaji. Dalgado Puroskar 2009 for institutions furthering the cause of Konknni in Roman script was awarded to TSKK. The award consisted of a shawl, memento, citation and cash Rs. 20,000/-. Mr Derek Almeida, the Editor of Gomantak Times was the Chief Guest and presented the award to Pratap Naik, the Director of TSKK.


6. President of India Felicitates TSKK:

As a part of its Silver Jubilee Year Mandd Sobhann, Mangalore chose and honoured 25 institutions from all over the world which have substantially contributed to Konknni language, culture and literature on 09 December at Nehru Maidan, Mangalore. Mrs Pratibha Patil, the President of India was the Chief Guest and honoured these institutions. From Goa TSKK alone was selected. The Director of TSKK, Pratap Naik received the honour. The honour consisted of a shawl and memento.


7. Dr Jack Sequeira Puroskar:

Fr Conçesão D'Silva, the Parish priest of Carambolim, Goa has instituted on 27 January 2010 Dr Jack Sequeira Puroskar at TSKK to a writer for his/her contribution to Konknni literature in Roman script. It consists of a memento and Rs. 5,000/- in cash. The first Puroskar will be given in the year 2011.



Mr Lourenço and Mrs Umbelina de Souza Scholarship of Rs.2,000/- was given to Aaron Fernandes, a XI Std student from Guardian Angel School, Sanvordem, Goa. Carvalho Family Scholarship of Rs. 4,000/- was given to Ms Concy Fernandes, a F.Y. student from MES College, Vasco. Both these scholarships were given on 27 January during TSKK Awards giving function.



TSKK took the initiative to rebuild two houses of TSKK Family members which were collapsed in the month of September 2009. On 17 November 2009 the foundation stone was laid and on 24 February 2010 Pratap Naik blessed the new houses. TSKK is grateful to all its benefactors for their generous contribution for this project.



The First Death Anniversary Mass of Fr Matthew Almeida was celebrated on 18 February at XCHR chapel at 07am. Pratap Naik was the main celebrant. After the mass TSKK family members visited the grave and conducted a prayer service.

TSKK celebrated the Feast of St Ignatius on 30 July evening. The celebration began with an introduction by Pratap Naik regarding the Society of Jesus and Jesuits and then screening a video "Goa Jesuits". Listening to a Konknni bhajan, Bible reading, intercessory prayers, and information on the life of Ignatius was part of the prayer service. At the end refreshments were served.

16 to 17 October World Food Day was organized at TSKK. It was a joint venture of TSKK, Green Essentials, Taleigão, Goa; GOACAN, Mapusa; Organic Farming  association of India, Mapusa; Chorão Farmers Club; Earthworm, Porvorim, Goa; SFX school, Siolim, Goa; Green Valley School, Pilerne; and Holy Cross School, Bastora. Exhibition, sale of garden produce and garden necessities, demonstration, talks, documentaries, discussion were main components of the event.

04 November Diwali festival was celebrated at TSKK. Lighting of the oil lamp, bhajan, message, reading from the Bhagavadgita, prayers, greetings and refreshments were part of the celebration.

13 November TSKK members spent the entire day for an annual picnic. They visited the aquarium at Mardol residency, Verna; Chitra Museum at Benaulim; Big Foot, a socio-cultural museum at Loutulim, Pedro Arrupe Jesuit Institute at Raia.

From 04 to 11 December Pratap Naik represented TSKK to attend the First world Cultural Convention organized by Mandd Sobhann held at Mangalore. He also attended the concluding function held on 19 December.

21 December TSKK celebrated the Christmas programme for its staff. Christmas message, Bible reading, prayers and refreshments were part of the celebration.



Ms Sarita d'souza, Afra Menezes, Ms Belinda Fernandes Ms Sunita Ekka and Mr Sunil Ekka, have left TSKK. TSKK is grateful for their dedicated service.



At the end of December 2010, TSKK library collection has reached to 15,915 books. 



The plants in the front portion of TSKK garden and the lawns have been enclosed with red laterite stones. Similarly the entire TSKK building has been decorated with hard laterite stones. This landscape work has enhanced the aesthetic look of TSKK campus. The compost pits' height has been increased to produce more organic manure. TSKK mini botanical garden attracts a number of plant lovers from Goa and elsewhere. 



After TSKK Report 2009 was posted TSKK got the news of the death of its benefactor Dr. Bailon de Sa, Old Goa. In the year 2010 TSKK mourns the death three of its benefactors. On 01 January Mrs Precy Carvalho, Mumbai (the aunt of TSKK Director, Pratap Naik); 24 April Mr B.E. Mendes from Tivim, Goa, the recipient of Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar of TSKK. Mr Joseph Carvalho (paternal uncle of Pratap Naik), Mangalore on 02 September. May God grant them eternal rest and peace.

Various organisations and individuals have helped TSKK in various ways.  We gratefully acknowledge the donors of cash, books, periodicals, CDs, and all other types of help. The list is by name and place only.

SJ House, Tokyo; Goa Konkani Akademi, Panaji; CIIL, Mysore; The Editors of Konkani periodicals Amar Konkani, Mangalore; Amcho Sandesh, Mangalore; Amcho Yuvak, Mangalore; Dalgadacho Son'dex, Velim, Goa; Darshan, Karwar; Dirvem, Mangalore; Divo, Mumbai; Jhelo, Mangalore; Jivit, Velsão, Goa; Kirnnam, Cuncolim, Goa; Konkan Times, Betim, Goa; Sangati Mithr, Mangalore; Raknno Prakashan, Mangalore; Ujwal, Honavara, Karnataka; Mr Eddie Lobo, USA; Mr Frank Carvalho, Mumbai; Ms Leena D'Costa, Mumbai; Anonymous, Mangalore; Ms Maria L. Costa Rodrigues, Merces, Goa; Dr Austin D'Souza Prabhu, USA; Mr Walter Menezes, Quepem, Goa; Dr Bicaji Ganecar, Panaji; Mr Octavio Rodrigues, Panaji; Mr Michael Rodrigues, Porvorim, Goa; Ms Alda Freitas, Porvorim, Goa; Mr. Bonaventure D'Pietro, Anjuna, Goa; Mr Rajay Pawar, Ponda, Goa; Dalgado Konknni Akademi, Panaji; Fr Manuel Gomes, Old Goa; Mr Anil Kamat Shankhwalkar, Porvorim, Goa; Mr John Carvalho, Pune; Terrence Lewis, Mumbai; Nagesh Sondhe, Mumbai; Mr Tomazinho & Ms Irene Cardozo, Candolim, Goa; Mr J.B.Sequeira, Mumbai; Dr Prakash Vazrikar, Sanquelim, Goa; Governor of Goa; Fr. Adolf Viegas, Panaji; Mr Gracian Botelho, Udupi; Mr. J.A. Eucludes Pinto, Kuwait; Mr Emmanuel Braggs, Pune; Mary Immaculate Preparatory School, Bangalore; Dr Rafael Fernandes, Taleigão, Goa; Mr Narayan Kharvi, Kundapura, Karnataka; Mr Victor Andrade, Vasco; St. Xavier Church, Pune; Ms Julieta Antão, Vasco; Mr Alban Castelino, Mangalore; St Vincent High School, Pune; Dr Gerald Pinto, Kallianpura, Karnataka; Ms. J.G. Sequeira, Bangalore; Mr Dion Fernandes, Porvorim, Goa; Mr Wilfred Carvalho, Saudi Arabia; Mr Richard Almeida, Kundapura, Karnataka; St Mary High School, Varca, Goa; Mr Carlos Fernandes, Khandepar, Goa; Society of Pilar, Goa; Mr Marcel D'Souza, Mangalore; Mr Dinar Barros, Betalbatim, Goa, Ms Ubaldina D'Souza, Miramar, Goa; Anonymous, Panaji; Ms Alice Mascarenhas, Panaji; Mr Adolf Noronha, Porvorim, Goa; Corporation Bank, Panaji; Ms Marion Valladares Smith, USA; Mr Bosco de Souza, Betim, Goa; Mr C.X. Dias, Margão; St Ann TTI, Mangalore; Dr Urmila Barros, Panaji; St John the Baptist Church, Carambolim, Goa; Mr Rudolf Schleicher, Germany; Dr Toru Maruyama, Japan; Mr Willy Goes, Panaji; Mr Selvio Fernandes, Panaji; Fr Walter D'Mello, Mangalore; St Michael Church, Anjuna, Goa; Fr Conceição da Silva, Carambolim, Goa; Fr Ave Maria Afonso, Ucassaim, Goa; Mr Salvador Fernandes, Quepem, Goa; Mr Oliver D'Souza, Salvador Mundo, Goa; Mr Felix D'Mello, Anjuna, Goa; Mr Joaquim Fernandes, Anjuna, Goa; Mr Ryan Rodrigues, Mumbai; Dr R.V. Dhongde, Pune; Ms Rochelle de Souza, Mapusa; Ms Reshma Rodrigues, USA; Ms Aquila de Ataide, Paithona, Goa; Ms Filomena Rebello, Curtorim, Goa; Ms Caetana M. Luis, St Jose de Areal, Goa; Ms Maria Fernandes, Curtorim, Goa; Mr David Sequeira, Pune; Mr Prabhakar Sinari, Miramar, Goa; Mr Ancy D'Souza, Mumbai; Mr Yusuf Sheikh, Vasco; Mr Ashok Chodankar, Vasco; Mr Kelly Furtado, Vasco; Dr K.S. Bhat, Ponda, Goa; Mr Francisco Fernandes, Vasco; Mr Glen Carvalho, Vasco; Mr Alvaro Rodrigues, Davorlim, Goa; Fr Pedro Miranda, São Bras, Goa; Mr Inacio Fernandes, Candolim, Goa; Ms Marcelina Fernandes, São Pedro, Goa; Mr Joseph Vaz, São Pedro, Goa; Ms Ofelia Estrocio, São Pedro, Goa; Mr Miguel Lobo, São Pedro, Goa; Mr Miguel Braganza, Mapusa; Mr Rozendo Mendonça, Guirim, Goa; Mr Cruz Barreto, São Pedro, Goa; Mr John Rebello, São Pedro, Goa; Mr Daniel Lobo, São Pedro, Goa; Mr Ben Coutinho, São Pedro, Goa; Ms Carmin Rangel, São Pedro, Goa; Ms Severina Cardozo, São Pedro, Goa; Ms Repbla D'Souza, Porvorim, Goa; Ms Helen Colaço, Pune; Mr Harold Lobo, Pune; Ms Edwine Noronha, Loliem, Goa; Ms Margarita Pacheco, Loilem, Goa; Ms Nisha Rodrigues e D'Mello, Loliem, Goa; Ms Archangela Fernandes, Pomburpa, Goa; Swami Prabhudhar, Ankalgi, Karnataka; Mr Cosmos Fernandes, Korgaon, Goa;  Mr Ulhas Rasquinha, Mangalore; Mr Felix Crasta, Mullikatte, Karnataka; Mr Joaquim Pires, Porvorim, Goa; Primary Teachers of Mae Dos Porbes School, Nuvem, Goa; Ms Preeta Naik, Goa; Ms Lina Noronha, Ucassaim, Goa; Mr Cruz Andrade, Ucassaim, Goa; Mr Melron D'Souza, Ucassaim, Goa; Mr Reginaldo Fernandes, Ucassaim, Goa; Ms Isabel Fernandes, Ucassaim, Goa; Ms Elsa Rodrigues, Ucassaim, Goa; Mr Caridade Saldanha, Ucassaim, Goa; Ms Ruena Vaz, Ucassaim, Goa; Ms Neves Rodrigues, Ucassaim, Goa; Mr Agnel Fernandes, Ucassaim, Goa; Ms Lyra Menezes, Ucassaim, Goa; Fr Almir de Sousa, Bambolim, Goa; Anonymous, Ucassaim, Goa; Ms Sheila D'Silva, Mumbai; Ms Sarita D'Sa, Ucassaim, Goa; Anonymous, Margão; Ms Iona Pinto, Porvorim, Goa; Mr Gratian D'Souza, Mumbai; Ms Carmina Fernandes, Galgibaga, Goa; Ms Lucienne Viegas, Margão; Mr Placido Gomes, Margão;  Ms Monica Costa, Margão;  Grace Church, Margão; Mr Michael D'Silva, Mapusa; Ms Linda Dias, Chandor, Goa;  Mr Francisco Martins, São Pedro, Goa; Fr Visitação Monteiro, São Pedro, Goa; Mr Lavy Pinto, Porvorim, Goa; Mr Felix Ferrão, Porvorim, Goa; Ms Ditta Gomes, Pomburpa, Goa; Mr Jason Fernandes, Taleigão, Goa; Mr Lucas Botelho, Porvorim, Goa; Dr Kyoko Matsukawa, Japan; Mr Claude Carvalho, Canada; Mr Theo D'Souza, Aldona, Goa; Ms Brenda D'Souza, Anjuna, Goa; Anonymous, Mangalore; Mr Melvyn Rodrigues, Mangalore; Fr. William Barboza, Mangalore; Ms Conny Carvalho, Mangalore; Anonymous, Baga, Goa; Mr Diogrinho D'Costa, Colva, Goa; Ms Lalita Vaz, Macazana, Goa; Carmel Nitya Seva Samiti, Bangalore; Ms Florine Lobo, Loretto, Karnataka; Mr Willy Soubaya, France; Mr Daniel F. de Souza, Vasco.



06 January Mr Austin Prabhu, a Konknni writer who lives in Chicago, U.S.A. visited and stayed at TSKK with his family.

30 March Fr Keith Abranches, the Gujarat Jesuit Provincial and Fr Datxi A. from Spain visited TSKK.

13 August Fr Joseph Chenakala from Belgaum visited TSKK with 13 Austrian friends of Jana Jagrana.

16 to 18 August 120 Botany students of St Xavier College, Mapusa visited TSKK botanical garden for their assignments and practical works.

19 to 22 October Fr Valerian Fernandes of Mangalore Diocese stayed at TSKK to consult TSKK library.

10 November Jesuit Pastors from various Jesuit provinces of India who had come to Goa for their annual meeting visited TSKK.

27 November Jesuit Tertians from Raia, Goa came to TSKK to acquaint themselves with the institution.



1. Due to frequent electricity failure our research and other work suffers. Installing a silent diesel generator will solve this problem. The estimated cost for this project is Rs. 5,00,000/-


2. TSKK wants to upgrade its mini botanical garden with pathways, stone enclosure for plants, name boards for plants and landscaping. The estimated cost is Rs. 3,50,000/-


3. TSKK building needs external as well as internal painting. To begin with for the year 2011 we intend to paint the external surface with the Apex water proof paint. The estimated cost is Rs. 8,75,000/-


TSKK receives no grant or any financial assistance from the State and Central Governments.  We entirely rely on God and generosity of people of good will.  Hence we appeal for help from those who love Konknni and its rich cultural heritage.  Help generously TSKK so that TSKK can efficiently serve Konknni and Konknnis.     

No amount is too small for us. Donations to TSKK are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.  Kindly send your generous contribution to:


B. B. Borkar Road

Alto Porvorim, Goa - 403 521, India.

Tel: 0832 - 2415857/ 2415864

E-mail:tskkgoa@gmail.com or pratapnaiksj@gmail.com

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