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Konknni Courses

The TSKK team conducted its regular one month basic Konknni Courses for beginners. The material used for the course was of late Fr. Mathew Almeida’s book, “Romi Lipient Konknni Kors.” They were held from mid June to mid April end in two sessions. The courses were attended by Seminarians from the Goregaon Seminary (Mumbai), Nuns from Goa and others from all over the State. On the completion of the course, all were given Course Completion Certificates.

Academic Activities

We now list some of the academic activities conducted by the Kendr.

On June 4, the Suttke Samavesh committee members met at TSKK to discuss the further course of action against Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, to obtain equal status for Konkani in Roman and Kannada scripts.

On June 19, some selected Konknni writers from Mumbai, Mysore, Mangalore and Goa met here to form the Jogtik Konknni Songhottom (Global Konknni Organization). On August 20, the Jagotik Konknni Songhotton (Global Konknni Organisation) was officially instituted in Mangalore. TSKK took an active part in its formation and is a member of  the same.

On the occasion of Goa’s Golden Liberation, both TSKK and XCHR jointly organised a Seminar on September 29 and September 30, entitled Reviewing and Recovering 50 years, which dealt with post liberation issues.

Fr. Pratap Naik, prepared Hansun Khellun Xikum-ia, a Konknni Primer for KG in Roman script, which was published by Broadway Publishing House, Panaji.  He also wrote articles such as, Medium of Instruction: a boon or bane, Mother Tongue, Medium of Instruction; Myths and Facts, Child is the centre of Education; Medium of Instruction at a glance, Primary Education scenario in Goa for local dailies.

Fr. Apolinario Cardozo published a series of articles on the life of Jesuit Saints for the Dor Mhoineachi Rotti, a Konknni monthly. These include: Bhoktivont Jakob Sales, Bhagevont Zuanv De Britto, Claud De La Colombiere, Pedro Canisius and Jose Maria Rubio Peralta.

Fr. Efraim Gracias also published articles in the same monthly magazine. They include Poilo Nem Ani Buniad: Ek Vivronn, Ek Orth, Inasathem Atmik Veayamacnchi Ollok ani Inisache Atmik Veyam and Mon’xache Akarnnechim Molam.

Dr. Chandralekha D’ Souza published an article Xikxinna Vixim Xikxonn Divpi Vichar i Jaag, a Konknni monthly in its August-September issue.


The Romi Lipient Konknni Kors Book of Fr. Mathew Almeida S.J. was reprinted on October 2012. Fr. Apolinario Cardozo (the Director) and Ms Minakshi Khandolkar (Staff member) prepared a Supplement to this book, entitled, Romi Lipient Konknni Kors – A Supplement. The book contains all the solved exercises which are found in the Course book. The book was edited by Fr. Ave Maria Afonso, parish priest of the Uccasain Parish.


On January 26, TSKK had its annual Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar in its courtyard. Mr. Eric Ozario, Mandd Sobhann Gurkar and the General Secretary of Global Konknni Organisation, was the Chief Guest while Fr. Rosario Rocha, the Jesuit Provincial of the Goa Province, was the Guest of Honour.  

The prestigious Fr. Antonio Pereira Konknni Puroskar (APKP) 2012 was awarded to Mr. Cyriaco Dias, for his valuable and immense contribution to Konknni tiatr and Films. The award consists of a shawl, memento and a cash prize of Rs. 25,000.00.

The Konknni Martir Floriano Vaz Puroskar 2011 was conferred on Mr. Marcus Gonsalves, for his book Tornni Xim.

The Dr. Jack Sequeira Konknni Puroskar 2011, instituted by Fr. Conceicao D ’Silva, presently the Parish Priest of Taleigao Church, was awarded to Fr. Ave Maria Afonso. 

The Basilia Carvalho Konknni Puroskar 2011 was awarded to Ms. Irene Cardozo.

The Maria Afonso Konknni Puroskar 2011, instituted by Fr. Ave Maria Afonso, was conferred on Br. Eusebio Miranda, sfx.

The above awards consist of a Shawl, a Citation, a Memento and cash reward of Rs. 5,000.00.

The TSKK Carvalho Ghorannem Kola Puroskar 2011 was awarded to Mr. Norbert Gonsalves, for his outstanding contribution to Konknni through music. This award was conferred on him in collaboration with Mandd Sobbann in Mangalore. The award consists of a shawl, a memento, a citation and cash prize of Rs. 25,000.00.

TSKK Scholarships

TSKK gave the following scholarships to the students:

The Helen Baptista Scholarship was given to Ms. Sabiya Dukandar and Ms. Taufiq Bandekhan of Government High School, Alto Betim.

The Lourenco & Umbelina de Souza Scholarship was given to Ms. Anna Santana Fernandes of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Panjim.

The Quadros Family Scholarship was given to Ms. Wilma Fernandes of Holy Cross Institute, Kepem.  Each scholarship carries a cash reward of Rs. 2000.00.

We are grateful to you for supporting us and our activities. Wishing you all - God’s choicest blessing for Christmas and a Joyous New Year 2013.

Tumchea dolleant musoll astana, tumi dusreanchea dolleantle kisor koxem kaddum yeta.
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