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Fr. Antonio L. Pereira, S.J. (25.08.1919 - 25.02. 2004) is a well-known name among Konknni speakers and writers.  He preached in Konknni in churches and chapels, in halls and the open air both in Goa and outside Goa.  His Konkani articles in Roman script have appeared in newspapers and periodicals quite regularly.  He had the knack of presenting deep truths in simple Konkani and placing learned theology within the grasp of simple folk.  He has written 34 books in Konkani and 2 in English and hundreds of articles in Konknni and English over the years, delighting and educating thousands of readers.  This popular preacher and writer completed 70 years of his life on 25 August 1989.  Of these 70 years he had spent 50 in the service and promotion of Konkani language.  THOMAS STEPHENS KONKNNI KENDR (TSKK) took the initiative to celebrate his seventieth birthday because he was one of the founding fathers of TSKK, and used this occasion to further the cause of Konknni to which Fr. Pereira dedicated his life. Fr. Pereira died on 25th February 2004.

On 25 August 1989 an award named ANTONIO PEREIRA KONKNNI PUROSKAR (APKP) was established. A number of Fr. Pereira's friends and Konknni lovers backed this project. Each year a person, who has rendered at least 15 years of valuable service to the cause of Konknni literature and culture in Goa, will be given this award.  The award consists of a cash amount presented together with a shawl and a special memento at a public function.

In the first year itself about Rs. 1,50,000/- was collected for the fund.  Some of Fr Pereira's friends were very generous.  Subsequently, the fund was raised to about Rs. 2,40,000/- from small donations and accumulating some interest.  So from 1991 TSKK started organizing a public function to confer the award on the one selected for that year.
     In the first year and the next the award was of Rs. 10,000/-.  As the fund grew the amount too was raised: in 1993 and 1994 the amount given was Rs. 15,000/-, and from 1995 the amount has been 20,000/-.  From 2003 the amount is Rs. 25,000/-.  With the constant lowering of interest rate we are finding it difficult to maintain this amount. Besides, we would like very much to enhance the award amount to Rs. 50,000/- per year.  This will be a fitting tribute to Fr. Pereira. Hence we appeal for generous contributions for this project from Konknni lovers, friends and well wishers of Fr. Pereira and TSKK.  The donations to this fund should be sent in the name of Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr, Ac. No. SB/01/003894, Corporation Bank, Panaji, Goa.

•1.      To acknowledge the special contribution made by any person in the field of Konknni in Goa.
•2.      To encourage the younger generation of Goans to take up creative work for the betterment of  Konknni.
•3.      There are many awards in the field of literature, but in the other fields of Konknni endeavour there is no such encouragement.  Therefore, this award is kept sufficiently broad based to include all the types of achievement in Konknni.
•4.      In the past Konknni and those who worked for it, were not given their due.  This award seeks to elevate Konknni to the level of other Indian languages.

•1  The recipient should have worked at least fifteen years for Konknni language, literature, education or culture in Goa.
•2  The award must be received in person by the one chosen.  This would exclude selecting the candidate posthumously. However, if the chosen nominee dies after his selection, the award will be given in his name to his/her family.
•3  The recipient should have made a notable contribution in any one of these Konknni fields: research, education, journalism, stage, music, mass media, audiovisual media, folklore, translation, publications, devotional literature, children's literature, creative writing.
•4  Both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the work will be considered in selecting the recipient.  In this connection the quality and originality of the publications, productions, performances etc. will be considered.
•5  The award is given irrespective of caste, colour, religion, sex, profession, language, script, and dialect considerations. 
•6  The award is given to artists or writers of Konknni in Roman and Devanagari scripts.
•7  One, who has received the Sahitya Akademi award for original Konkani literature  or Jnanapeeth Award, or Saraswati Samman, is not considered for this award.
•8  No Jesuit who is a member of TSKK Society can receive this award.
•9  Canvassing for a particular person as a recipient would disqualify the person.
•10  An award selection committee appointed by the Managing Committee of TSKK selects the nominee.
•11 The final decision about the recipient of a given year rests with the Managing Committee of TSKK.

Fr. Ave Maria Afonso
Year : 2022
Amount : Rs. 30,000/-
Mr. Pandharinath D. Lotlikar
Year : 2021
Amount : Rs. 30,000/-
Mr. Michael Gracias
Year : 2020
Amount : Rs. 30,000/-
Mr. Fausto Da costa
Year : 2019
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Mr. Premanand Lotlikar
Year : 2018
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Mr. Brazinho Soares
Year : 2017
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Fr. Manuel Pascual Gomes
Year : 2016
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Mr. Antonio Rosario Fernandes
Year : 2015
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Mr. Ramanand Raikar
Year : 2014
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Fr. Bernardo Cota
Year : 2013
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Mr. Cyriaco Dias,
Year : 2012
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Ms. Ophelia D'Souza
Year : 2011
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Dr. Bicaji Ganecar
Year : 2010
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Fr. Almir de Sousa
Year : 2009
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Mr Yusuf Sheikh
Year : 2008
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Mr. Bernardino Evaristo Mendes
Year : 2007
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Mr. Ulhas Buy„o
Year : 2006
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Mr. Jess Fernandes
Year : 2005
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Mr. Bonaventure DíPietro
Year : 2004
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Mr. Prabhakar Tendulkar
Year : 2003
Amount : Rs. 25,000/-
Mr. Antonio da P. Morais
Year : 2002
Amount : Rs. 20,000/-
Dr. Tanaji Halarnkar
Year : 2001
Amount : Rs. 20,000/-
Dr. Olivinho Gomes
Year : 2000
Amount : Rs. 20,000/-
Fr. Peter Cardozo, S.F.X.
Year : 1999
Amount : Rs. 20,000/-
Ms. Hema Naik
Year : 1998
Amount : Rs. 20,000/-
Mr. Ramkrishna Zuvarkar
Year : 1997
Amount : Rs. 20,000/-
Fr. Freddy J. da Costa
Year : 1996
Amount : Rs. 20,000/-
Fr. Antonio Francis Sousa
Year : 1995
Amount : Rs. 20,000/-
Mr. Pandurang Bhangui
Year : 1994
Amount : Rs. 15,000/-
Mr. Tomazinho Cardozo
Year : 1993
Amount : Rs. 15,000/-
Mr. Felicio Cardozo
Year : 1992
Amount : Rs. 10,000/-
Mr. Shripad Desai
Year : 1991
Amount : Rs. 10,000/-


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