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Denying a Script is a "Human Right Violation"

Last Updated: 01 April '09
 Denying a Script is a "Human Right Violation"

Wilmix Wilson Mazarello.
Margao, Goa

     From ancient times, "Languages" all over the world, were first invented by civilizations, for humans, to express themselves and to communicate with fellow-humans, verbally.
     With passage of time, as the necessity to express and communicate in writing also arose, civilizations invented "scripts" suitable and convenient to their language, to express and communicate, in writing. Various civilizations that followed, each invented their own language and a suitable script.  Languages that came into being, thereafter, in the last 1000 years or so, found it not necessary to invent a "script".  Most of them adopted a "Script", from among those, already in existence. The choice of "script", for these languages, depended, primarily, on "convenience". Convenience for pronouncing, convenience for expressing, convenience for communicating and of-course, convenience for teaching and learning. In like manner, around 500 years ago, from now, Goans in Goa adopted the ‘Roman Script", for Konknni. This too, happened out of sheer "convenience". It so happened, that the need to express and communicate in written Konknni, was first felt by the Christian Missionaries, in Goa, for their evangelization work.
     Out of sheer coincidence, at that very time, the very first "Printing-Press" in Asia, happened to be in Goa, although it was on its way to Abyssinia. . This very first "Printing-Press" in Asia, had only "type-sets" of the "Roman Script", used for writing languages of the European continent. Konknni language, till then, not being in written-form, was thus put in "print-form", for the first time, using the same "Roman-Script" alphabets, that were the available with the "Printing-Press" then.  From then on, started the "written-form" of Konknni... Incidentally, the Roman Script, was also found to be, the most convenient ‘script' for pronouncing, expressing and communicating in Konknni. 
     "Pronunciation, expression and communication" encompasses "dignity" and "respect"  Hence, it may be said that "language and script" encompasses "dignity and respect".
     Further, any attempt to disregard a language or its script, is an attempt to disregard the "dignity and respect" of the people, who use that language and script.  An attack on a language or its script is an attack on the dignity and respect of the people, who use that language and script.
     Further more, denying a large section of the people, the language and script, of their choice, is tantamount to denying them their dignity and self-respect. Need I say that every person has a right to "dignity and self-respect"? Denying these to him or her, amounts to denying him or her, a "basic human right".  Hence, a serious "human right violation". No elected Government on earth can deny its people, this basic human-right. No Government of any country or state can usurp these powers from the people. Language and its script are not something that a Government can force its views on the people of the state or a country. Language and script are "fundamental basics" of a Society that cannot be a prerogative of a few Legislators to decide.  Even if, the few Legislators, happen to be "elected representatives", until and unless, the concerned society, specifically expresses itself in a "democratic referendum", authorizing their elected representatives, to decide for them in the matter, they have absolutely, no right to do so.
     The Goa Official Language Act of 1987 is one such example, of a State Government usurping the "power of the people" and denying them, their "dignity and self-respect".
     It is an outright "human right violation". No State in the "Indian Union" specifies a "script" as the official script of a language, in its "Official Language Act" and discriminates against its own citizens using a different script, for the same language. But, this has become, a harsh reality, in the State of Goa.  It is not only the Government in power, at that time, that is responsible for this "human right violation " , but also all the Members of the Legislative Assembly who sat in the "House" at that time, and did not do enough to stop it.
     It is not only the Government in power in 1987, that is responsible for this "human right violation", but also all the subsequent governments and all subsequent  elected members of the Goa Legislative Assembly, till date, who did not do enough to undo it.  Infect, they lent support, to perpetuate this "human right violation" by their attitude of showing, no concern... The people of Goa, (the victims) are also partly responsible, for this situation to last for 21 long years, by suffering silently and not doing enough to "revolt" against it.
     It is never too late. The time has come.  The people are fast realizing what has happened and still happening. The day for a "people's revolt" is fast approaching. No one knows what form this revolution will take.  But the "revolt" is imminent. History has shown us, in many instances in the past, all around the world, that all such "human right violations" finally end up, in a "people's revolt".  A revolt for "justice". There are instances, in the past, of people, having been forced to take law into their own hands, when the lawmakers themselves, desert them.
     It is a people's "curse" on all our Legislators, who have remained silent spectators to this "human right violation ", till now.  Only Legislators, who have no "conscience", play "politics", with human rights. It will be a sad day, when the people will be forced to tell each of these elected representatives, "Your days are numbered, you don't deserve to be in the Assembly any more".

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