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Politicians and Konknni (From Archives)

Last Updated: 23 December '08
Politicians and Konknni

On 20 December, 1986, a 20 year old boy risked his life for his mother tongue, Konknni. He lost it. He was shot dead by the arm of the state through the barrel of a .303 Lee Enfield bolt-action rifle. The rifle is a relic of the British raj. So is our Government that is 'democratic' only in name. The boy was Floriano Vaz from Gogol-Margao. Less than two months later, Konknni was recognized as the OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of Goa, Daman & Diu.

Dr. ManoharRai SarDessai wrote a poem entitled "Otthra Jun" dedicated to the satyagraha led by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia against autocratic colonial rule. It has been translated and published in many languages. The satyagraha was in Margao, not too far away from where Floriano died. "Kitle aile gele Otthra Jun! Ambea-mullant Kuddkuddta Gawddea-por ozun." The mango trees are beginning to flower in Goa, but Floriano who would be 42 years old this year is beyond trembling. Unlike Pandurang Madkaikar, Gawddi, Kunbi and Velip persons like the thirty five year old Dument D' Souza and an older Rama Lavu Velip in Colomb do not tremble even in the face of armed police sent to arrest them.

Let us face the Truth. Tremble is what our so-called "stalwarts" like NRI Commissioner Eduardo Flier, MP Francisco Sardinia, PWD Minister Churchill Alamo, Deputy Speaker Marvin Goodish, Ministers Mickey Pacheco, Felipe Nero Rodriguez, former Speaker Tamazight Cardoon as well as former Chief Ministers like Dr. Wilfred de Souza and Lozano Flier are do when called by their "Mother Tongue" to do what must be done to protect her. They are unable to even articulate the demand for the post of President of Goa Konkani Akademi [GKA], lying vacant since end of October, 2008, to be given to a protagonist of Konknni in the Roman script.

Mr. Eric Osorio of Mind Suzann is derided as a "Mangalore an" by some persons in Goa, instead of taking pride in the fact that he has put Konknni in the Guinness Book of Records on the Republic Day of India in 2007. He had articulated it so well the need and the opportunity to have a Rome lipid protagonist to head the GKA. He was speaking at the second anniversary of JIVIT at MMC hall in Margo, in the presence of the CM and Deputy Speaker, besides the former Speaker and others. No mention was made of it at the "1st Konknni Literary and Cultural Convention" or its resolutions last Sunday. The DKA President says it skipped their mind in the process of collating the resolutions. I have no reason to disbelieve him. Perhaps, the Goa Government funding choked the words before they emerged from their throats. There is a simple rule for 'good manners'. It says, "Never talk when your mouth is full." We are all good mannered. Therein lays our weakness and our

It is time the so-called leaders of the Konknni movement learn to speak their language and articulate their demands coherently. They need to evangelize instead of trying to convert the converted through meaningless rhetoric. If they cannot get the post of the GKA President for one of their kind, they should stop talking of amending the Official Language Act, 1987, to include "Rome lipid". Why talk of conquering the peak Mount Everest when one cannot even reach the Secretariat at Penh de France to plant one's flag. Save Goa 'Front' was allegedly merged behind everyone's back and even its Vice-President knew it not, and refuses to accept even now!

Time to stop talking and start doing. If they cannot do that, they should step down from their pedestals, wake up and smell the coffee. Trouble is not brewing only for the Draft Regional Plan 2021, the senseless promotion of mining and casinos and the reported ban on "beach parties". The Goa Government cannot withstand a popular uprising. 1987 and 2007 have proved that 1967 was no fluke, contrived though it appears to be in hindsight.

Ambivalence on the script issue for Konknni can cost one his seat by as little as 300 votes or a huge margin. Two former CMs in the June 2007 elections are there as evidence thereof. The ruling coterie can manipulate the greedy leaders at will. Experience since 1963 proves that, too. Politicians should not say they were not warned. One of them was told the facts of life by Wilmix Mazarello in the Mae de Deus church. I was there. Wilmix walked out before another spoke at Pai Tiatrist hall. I was there, too. If the politicians cannot read the 'message on the wall' they can now read it in the newspapers on Christmas eve. Everyone is born to die. The 'cause' for which one lives or the cause of death is what makes the difference to posterity. A cross for Jesus, a single bullet for Floriano. Who remembers a much pampered Pomenarian dog? These leaders need to stand up for their Mother Tongue or admit that they are really the adopted children of Konknni Mai

Miguel Braganza

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