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Goa 2011: recovering 50 years

(Dated: 02 March '11)
Multidisciplinary Seminar on Goa - 1  
Goa 2011: Recovering 50 years
Call for Papers
The Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr (www.tskk.org) and Xavier Centre of Historical Research (www.xchr.in) along with the Directorate of Archives & Archaeology are pleased to announce a call for papers for the Multidisciplinary Seminar on Goa -1 from September 29-30, 2011 at the XCHR-TSKK complex, Alto-Porvorim, Goa. 
This seminar, intended to be the first of a series of multidisciplinary seminars on Goan themes and issues, is being convened on the historic and momentous occasion of the golden jubilee celebrations of Goa's liberation from colonial rule. The convenors of this seminar intend to begin a process of self-education and of knowledge-creation to interpret and comprehend how the people of this state have shaped and directed their post-colonial history and how specific socio-political and cultural contexts have influenced these 50 years. This is a process of recovering our heritage and culture and analyzing the complexities of the multiple historical contexts to arrive at a mosaic of Goa in 2011 and give pointers to our future course. 
While the seminar will cover a wide range of themes and issues the following areas are being suggested:
·                Opinion Poll
·                Education and issues of social mobility, employment and empowerment 
·                Politics, ethics and development
·                Industry, development and environmental issues 
·                Mining and environment
·                Tourism, development and social change
·                Civil society and people's movements
·                Migration, Society and demographic trends
·                Art, Culture, Languages and Literature
·                Journalism and freedom of expression
·                Religious and community identities
·                The future of Communidades
The paper presenters need not feel constrained by the abovementioned areas but can write on any other area pertaining to the general theme of the Seminar.
The paper proposal should reach Savio Abreu at tskkgoa@gmail.com or savioasj@gmail.com by 28 March 2011 and include a 200 word summary of the paper. You will be informed during the month of April whether the paper has been accepted and if so, we ask that the paper be completed and sent to the above Email addresses by 31 August 2011.
Dates to remember:
Last date to send paper proposal                              28 March 2011
Intimating those selected to present papers               April 2011

Last date to send full paper                                      31 August 2011

Conference dates                                                 29-30 September, 2011   


Savio Abreu

Seminar Coordinator



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